Friday, December 29, 2006

Kol Sana Wento Tayyebeen

I'm so sad that I forgot to mention here, that the first 9 days of Zo-Al Hejja are the best days of the year ( other than Ramadan ), but it's never too late.
Today it's Arafat, don't forget to fast.

RABENNA yataqabbal menna w menkom.

p.s: Thx to Sara who brought this up over here.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My wish for you

The new year is around the corner, but I only have one wish:

I wish that you have a dream.

Yup, that's it. Once you have one, you'll figure a way to reach it

Kol sana wento tayyebeeen

Monday, December 25, 2006

You know you are in Egypt when ( 3 )

1) The salary of a garbage collector is 400 l.e. While a resident doctor receives 200 l.e. ( Both working for the same government )
2) Despite of number 1, lots of high school students wish to become doctors !!!!!
3) Any single person who is older than you, even if it's just a matter of months is considered a wiser and a more experienced person.
4) A guy spends few exhausting years chasing a girl till she surrenders. Then, when it comes to marriage she's not a candidate as he can't trust her.
5) Owning a cellular phone is considered a goal by lots of people, even if they have noone to call.
6) You receive parking aid anywhere in Cairo ;)
7) The safest place to park your car, is right next to your bed :)

Interesting number.

Everyday on my way to work and on the way back home, me and my beloved car suffer from the awful roads and streets we have here in Cairo. So, I decided to count how many road bumps & pits I have to go through everday.
On counting those road obstacles on my way to work, a 10 km journey ( a very short one ), I had to go through 30 lousy pits and bumps. That's on using some of Cairo's most important streets.
Ah, and I only counted those ones you have to say "ouch" if u didn't notice.

From here, I ask the government to help the people buy 4wd cars :)

Feel bad, study and move on.

Today was my first surgery :) Yup, I started operating with my own hands. It was a case of surgical removal of a wisdom tooth and oh my God was it a lousy case selection. It was a veeerry difficult case for me to have it as my first .
First off, during the operation I figured out that my assigned assistant was a lousy person ( sorry for that, but that's the truth ). To clarify, during oral surgeries the assistant has an important role in facilitating the procedures for the surgeon, he/she should act as extra 2 hands for the surgeon.He should anticipate the surgeon's need and listen to what the surgeon has to ask from him. This guy not only he delayed my procedures but also interfered with my work, ya3ny heyya kanet na2sah asasan.
Secondly, the case was soooo difficult that I needed the help of my supervisor ( a blow to my self-confidence ). But, does it end here ?! Of course not, the case presented one of the worst complications you can face during operating, severe bleeding ............ :( ( Just to add to my misery ).
Luckily enough, my supervisor assisted by me ( replacing the lousy assistant ) managed to get that wisdom tooth out after frustrating 90 minutes. After that, I was operating again to finish off the case. Thx God, that was an easy part that I managed to get done in a few minutes.

Later on, I spent the rest of the day at the hospital in a gloomy mood because of that case.

When I was back home, I slept like the dead. After waking up and having my tea, I decided to spill all my frustration and anger on the surgery books. I spent more than 4 hours of reading in text books.
Now that I've learned few things from my reading, I feel somehow better.
I'll just have to get over that day.

I'll end my blog with a statement I heared from one of the famous surgeons, just to comfort myself:
" If a surgeon states that he doesn't face any complications, it's either one of things: 1) He doesn't operate . 2) He is a liar . "

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Aliens' attack

This is a photo of an x-ray taken of a duck. Look at the bottom right corner of the duck, you'll see an alien's face.
Here, you can find the whole story.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What was the right decision ?!!

During the past week, we had some hard time with one of the, supposingly, patients at the hospital. I'm a dentist ( an oral surgeon lately ).
That person is a drug addict, who came to our department ( surgery ) complaining that he is in severe pain because of a fractured jaw. On examining that patient, it turned out that his jaw was farctured around a month ago ( now he's complaining !!! ) and that there's no pain whatsover.
So, he was schedueled for surgery in order to fix his broken jaw. With every schedueled appointement, he never shows up. He appears 2 or 3 days later with the same cause of absence, one of my relatives passed away, every single time. This happened 3 times.
The surgery team decided that such patient, shall not receive the surgery because of the following reasons: 1) His procedure is complicated & requires his full cooperation , which is not present at all. 2) His treatment plan is expensive & mostly will be paid by the government's money i.e: someone else (who cares ) can benifit from it. 3) His procedure is time and effort consuming i.e: many other patients' who actually care can receive the surgeons' attention and help.
Today, that patient showed up again ( a couple of days late for an appointment as usual) and was informed of the decision. He went into a severe state of rage and was on his way to attack one of the surgeons, hadn't it been for the interference of the security men who took him away.

After that incident was over, I never stopped thinking about the situation.
Did that man deserve another chance ( he was given more than one ) ? Or, giving attention to the people who care is way more important ?

p.s: I was in no position to take a decision.


Dr. M, the head of the surgery department, decided to give the guy another chance. I really hope, he makes use out of it.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

In tribute to the legendary Jahin

On surfing the web, I found this marvelous blog dedicated to Salah Jahin and his work.

I just love and respect Salah Jahin

Friday, December 15, 2006

Some friends are just great

Yesterday, a friend of mine ( romantic Z ) surprised me and another friend ( helpful G ) with a small party.
The party was in the celebration of G's upcoming engagement & my new position ( Will tell u about it later isA ). The celebration was fun, we laughed our hearts out. We were sitting at an ahwa ( not a cafe ) with a group of hilarious of people, when all of a sudden Z is carrying a big cake and approaching us.
We were stunned and confused, we didn't c this coming. The ahwa had nothing to help us with eating the cake, but Z was ready with everything: plates, forks & most importantly a knife ;)

Bottom line, it's great to have friends such as Z.

Z: We may not always be on the same page, but you are the BEST.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life changes faster than a flipping coin

Never trust tommorow & live today to the maximum.

(My own life has changed several times in just a couple of days.)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

King Tut was not murdered

Scientists found out that the famous king Tut died out of infection rather than the well known theory about his murder.
Read this for details

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dilemmas of life

Does love gives you your existence ?
or , You must exist before you can love ?

These questions arose on having discussions with some of my friends.
Just felt like sharing them.

Friday, November 17, 2006

"Barkin" ticket.

I was having a very hectic week. The only thing that helped me laugh out loud and forget about the things I'm supposed to finish was this parking ticket.
I laughed at the ignorance of the people, yet I was sad that such thing could ever exist.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A true Egyptian lady

Today I was travelling using one of the popular methods of transportation, the famous " Taxi Aqaleem ", if you know it. These cars are the old, big Mercedes Benz, the cars has lots of space from the inside but , tab3an , lacks any luxoury or cleanliness.

That's not my point, today during my journey I was lucky enough to meet a true Egyptian person ( it's been long since I last met any ). During that long journey, around 7 hours, we stopped at one of the side cafetrias where the driver takes a rest to have lunch. While we were there, I decided to stay in the car as it was pretty cold outside and I was somehow sleepy.

The lady sitting in the seat ahead of me didn't draw any of my attention at first. This was the case till her husband started acting strangely and saying strange words. I figured out that her husband has some mental problems. The woman started to talk about the history of her husband's illness to one of the passengers. She said that they have been married for more than 37 years, he was a clerk at some office for more than 40 years and that his illness started 18 years ago.

She then started complaining about the problems she faced and is facing through thier life. First, she said that her husband was innocently accused of stealing a large amount; that story was confirmed by one of the passengers who identified her husband and said that he was a very decent man. Secondly, she said that she has been paying Cairo monthly visits the past few years to help her husband continue his treatment. Thirdly, ( as usual in Egypt ) she was talking about how not enough her husband's allowance is in comparison to the medication expediture.

After that discussion between the lady and the other passenger, I remebered the wedding oath ( if it's so called ): for better & for worse, for happiness & sorrow, for sickness & health.

What really brought tears into my eyes ( and I'm not joking) was the lady's generosity. During our stop, she had sent her grandson to fetch them some sandwiches for lunch. On the kid's arrival, the lady insisted that each one of us ( passenegers ) share with them their lunch. All of us apologised politely to her generous offer. ( it wasn't 3ozoomet marakbeyya ). Although she was complaining about money shortage, this didn't affect her decision in sharing her humble dinner with complete strangers.

Another thing that amazed me about her, is the look of satisfaction in her eyes. Although she was suffering bad times, she was thankful to God about the good times they had lived earlier in their life.

Chapeau to that Lady.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A trip into a harasser's mind

This mass sexual harrassment issue got me very confused, I was unable to find a reason for such actions . I tried to take a trip into a harrasser's mind, just trying to be in their shoes. What is it that makes such people perform such act.

Any male ( man ) can have sexual thoughts as regrads any woman ( female ) he is dealing with, ( beleive me, who denies this has a problem somewhere ). Such thoughts are either changed or prevented from converting into an action by a sequence of STOP buttons, whether that button was religion, morals , law.......etc.

I beleive that such people perform such actions due to the absence of their STOP buttons.
Here's a list, I think most normal people have. (I think they work in a way like back-up sytems, if no. 1 is down 2. will work and so on)

1) Religious teachings.
2) Morals and social traditions
3) Law
4) The victim will kick your ass
5) The vitim will avenge herself later

On thinking of attacking a female, you should normally be stopped by your religious teachings, if you are an atheist the society and the surrounding traditions will stop you, if don't give a dam about the community you'll fear being sued over such act but if you are sure that the law won't reach you, you'll fear the victim's revenge.

The harasser lacks the above formula.

I beleive that's the true problem, the surrounding atmosphere failed to create any intimidation or threat to the harasser. He is sure he'll get through unpunished or stopped in any way.

Besides the lack of a braking system. Such people have a group of misconceptions that either pushes them in that direction or justifies their act:

1) I'm a male = I'm a superior creature. ( look how our community forgives men for having affairs, while condemns women for such act )
2) She deserves ( wants ) that, look at what she's wearing
3) If I can't marry, why not have anonymous fun for free
4) What's the worst that could happen ( the stop buttons )

I don't know, these are just my ideas and beleifs. I may have been influenced by some stuff I read lately, but that's my own conclusion.

This doesn't explain the mass sexual harrassements, but I think on combinig the above with the herd mentality.......... we can get something.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A reason for smiling.

If your life doesn't give you a reason to smile, that's a stronger reason for you to smile.

Just to tease it !!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Now, it's not about the Niqab or Hijab.

A few weeks ago, a great fight took place between muslim scholars throughout Egypt and the entire arab world, just because Dr. Souad Saleh stated that she's against the Niqab.
A couple of days ago, the Mufti of Australia called the women who are not wearing the Hijab are meat on display.
Now, forget about the above 2 points and the misuse of words by both people.

What the hell happened to the Egyptians ?
Sexual harrassment party in the main streets of Cairo. I haven't seen, heared or read about that accidents till today. Women and girls of all ages were harassed and at some incidents stripped out of their clothes by hundreds of guys celebrating eid their own way.
Don't tell me it's about Hijab or Niqab. Ladies wearing Hijab, Niqab or not were harassed during that party. Don't tell me they were meat on display, NOOO. These guys were wolves looking for a prey.

Check this for details in arabic, or read this for the translated english version

I have no explanation, all I have are some questions that need to be answered. I'm left speachless

- Who or what created wild beasts out of the Egyptians ?
- Why can't these people understand Islam ? the incidents just a day after Ramadan !!!!!!!!

حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل

You know you are in Egypt when ( 2 )

1) The BIGGEST problem the people are facing is whether women should wear a Niqab or Hijab.
2) The activity enjoyed by most Egyptian guys is changing from soccer to shisha. Long live cafes.
3) Kids think that the more noise they create with (bomb), the happier they will be. Aren't there any true fire-works in this country ??
4) Everyone know everything about anything, and guess what: everyone beleives he is the only one who knows!!!!
5) People define an enemy as the person who has an opinion the contradicts with their own.
6) People offer to help you if your car breaksdown. Forget about the fact they know nothing about mechanics. It's the idea that counts.
7) You pay 120 l.e, for a 100 l.e telephone card in order to recharge the credit of your moblie phone, to receive only 90 l.e.

I love bad students.

I don't know why but today I happened to remember some of my college days. Back then ( which isn't that far, a year ago)I wasn't one of the prefered students by most of my Doctors and instructors because I had 2 terrible traits : I dared to ask and most importantly object !!!!
I won't claim I'm a hero or that I was the only one diseased with these two, but we were quiet few. I don't know what's wrong with teaching staff in our universities, I think they are well qualified to deal with robots rather than thinking creatures. Just to be honest, we were appreciated by a scanty number of the staff members.
I can recall a few incidents, one of them was during one of the clinical classes during my final year ( am a dentist by the way ). During that class, I had a difficult case in which I had my opinion as regards the diagnosis and how to deal with it. I went to ask my supervisor's opinion and all I got was a look down besides " You are wrong ". I didn't accept such treatment, so I responded " I don't think so, I believe it's .....{technical stuff}" with stating my evidence. The supervisor was shocked, it was the first time for a student to discuss a decision or an order he had given, besides : I was correct :D
Another incident happened during one of the laboratory sessions. We were there waiting for the instructor to arrive, but we were somehow noisy. Most of the noise was caused by a friend of mine, an instructor was passing by the classroom was annoyed by the noise. The instructor walked into the classroom searching for the source of the noise, she pointed out my friend. Here's how the discussion went on:
Instructor: " Name and Id number ?" that's the typical university threat.
Friend : " NO "
Instructor : " What, how dare u ?"
Friend: " You have no right to ask for that, so I won't be giving you any ", my friend had a point, that instructor has nothing to do with our classes and not even with our teaching staff.
Instructor: " We'll see about that " leaving with firy eyes.

I now beleive that we need more bad students in our system, people who can think and dare to question.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lessons from Belya's life

1) You'll never know how strong you are unless you face a strong wind.
2) The more you stick to what you beleive, the more people will respect you even if they disagree with your opinions.
3) Select your battles.
4) When you are successful, always know when to quit.
5) Success has many roads and ways, just have the wisdom to decide one of them that best suits you.
6) Don't say ( I love you ) unless you truely mean it.
7) If people under-estimate you, work hard to prove they are wrong.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Je ne sais pas

Last week,I met a friend whom I hadn't seen for a long time. We a had a little chitchat about life and every thing else. During our talk he told me that he had found the girl of his dreams,he claims that she is his perfect match but with only one problem, here's how the conversation went on.

My friend: At last I found the girl of my dreams
Me: Maaaabroooook ( congratulations ), wish to hear the good news soon.
My friend: thanks so much, 3o2balak keda
Me: someday isA. So, tell me about her
My friend: She is good looking, smart, tender she's just perfect.
Me: Wow, RABENNA yekremko.
My friend: But there's one problem that I can't handle
Me: And that is ?
My friend: She has a bad fashion taste, and that's something I can't withstand.
Me: mmmmmmm, that's a problem.
My friend: Do you think I can change her taste of fashion? or is it one of the unchangeable facts of life? ( the second question with the expression of misery on his face )

I have absolutley no idea about that, I know that it's possible to change how a guy chooses to dress. But I don't know if this is possible with the ladies too. I've seen it happen in TV shows, but is it a one time makeover or a lifetime makeover.

Any ideas ?

You know you are in Egypt when:

1- you stand in a que for hours waiting for a paper to be signed by a government official. while you are there, you hear people complaining about disrespect and lack of organization BUT these people are the ones who refuse to stand in the que.
2- you see police cars are the first to skip the traffic lights.
3- you are invited for iftar during Ramadan, and you find an enormous amount of food that could satisfy the same number of people for more than a week.
4- you see the employees fighting and arguing about hijab or any other islamic issue during working hours instead of finishing their work
5- you find tons of garbage in the streets surrounded by many garbage collectors standing right beside it waiting to be tipped.
6- you hear "kol sana wenta tayyeb ya basha" with every traffic light.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Smart yet pathetic, updates.

Yesterday I bumped into one of the group of nerds I told you about. He was so happy and full of excitement, he approached me with a smile on his face similar to that of La Vache qui rit ( a smiling cow, a famous brand of cheese )saying " I just came to let you know that we won the third quiz ".
What was I supposed to tell this person !!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

That's funny

You are 67% Aries

One of my friends who enjoys and loves reading about horoscopes, used to call me a Typical Arian. I guess now I can tell her she is wrong.
But if I'm not a Typical Arian , then who is ?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The list continues to grow, so does the rumors.

I don't know if it's just me or it's true that the muslims are concerned about the number of celebreties converting to Islam. With every new day, you find a piece of news or a new rumor stating that some celebrity has converted to Islam or is thinking about converting to Islam.
This is really rediculous. It's something great to know that someone has converted to Islam, but it's rediculous to celebrate their conversion just because they are famous. People are happy because they think that such famous people will help in changing the way the west looks upon Islam.
It's not something pleasent to see Islam and muslims being accused for all evil in this world. But instead of waiting for the newly convert muslims to correct this pictures, muslims (us I mean) should start practising true Islam throughout their life, instead of just stating that they are muslims without any proof of that.
Islam isn't just a bunch of rituals we pratice, Islam is a way of life we should follow. Instead of having Islam as one of many aspects of our lives, we should have all aspects of our life follow the teachings of Islam.
On being true muslims ourselves, take my word for it, we will wait for noone.

Here are two lists, one of those who have anounced publicily that they have converted to Islam & the other one is for those who people rumor that they did. ( these lists include only the names I know)

list 1:
Frank Ribery, Nicolas Anelka ( French international soccer players)
Philipe Troussier & his wife ( French soccer coach )

list 2:
Theirry Henry ( French international soccer player )
Bruno Mitso ( French soccer coach )
Robin van Persie ( Dutch international soccer player )
Kaka ( Brazilian international soccer player ): I've just read this on an arabic site yesterday but I couldn't find it elsewhere.

Smart yet pathetic

Today, a group of friends and I were visiting an educational exhibition of some sort. The exhibition was organised by an NGO, it was about the educational oppurtunities in the US.
On arriving there, I bumped into a group of my college mates. They are one year younger than I am and they are of the elite students of their class. I have usually respected their intelligence and personalities.
Back to the exhibition. A side activity was multiple quizes, the quizes were about the organisation & the USA . These quizes were meant for fun and the presents were some small educational aids, such as TOEFL books or short English courses ( not bad rewards ). Anyway, on anouncing the winner of the first quiz, it turned out to be one of them. I told my self that they were good readers to know such amount of diverse information, as I used to think they are just good with study materials.
On my way out, I saw them standing at a corner with a serious look on their faces. I approached them with a smile, on asking them what's wrong, it turned out that nothing is wrong. They were just waiting for a phone call from a friend who is not present with them to give them the answers of the second quiz!!!!!!!! I was stunned, I asked them " is your friend that smart ?" , I received a sarcastic look accompanying this answer: " ofcourse not, he's at his home digging answers at Wikipedia "..............................
I waited for the results of that second quiz, out of curiuosity. Guess what, another one of them won. What a surprise. On handing out papers for the third quiz, they grabbed them quickly and went to their corner.
I left them with a smile on my face, thinking how pathetic these nerds are. I wanted to turn around and tell them " Have a life you losers".

p.s: They proved to be smart, as there was no rule stating that you can't get external aid.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A lion roaring ALLAH ??!!

I don't know if this is a trick or what !!! this is quite strange, yet everything is possible.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is there another new state to joing the USA ?

I don't know what's wrong with this tiny small country that's called Qatar. I can't figure out or justify any of their actions except that they are on their way to become the state number 51.

Firstly, it is the arabic country with the highest economic relations with Israel ( correct me if I was wrong). Secondly, the USA used air bases located on Qatar to send illegal weapons to israel during the war on Lebanon, while on the contrary the UK banned the landing of planes carrying such weapons on the British territory ( or something of that sort ) . Last, but not least, Qatar didn't vote for the Jordanian delegate running for the position of the secertary general of the UN ( like all arab countries ), instead Qatar voted for the South Korean candidate.

What does this country want ??????

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Routine sucks

I've always been a person with high hopes as regards the change that could occur in this country. I've also been optimistic as regards the Egyptian routine , I sometimes considered it as overrated and that it wasn't that bad. This doesn't mean that I had good times on dealing with routine, I had my share of the stupid system, yet I kept my smile........ Till today.
Today I was supposed to receive one of my dad's working documents from his work place. Just for you to be in the picture , that paper took over a week from me to get it done. They asked for many papers from different places wide spread over Cairo and I got all that done with the help of my older brother more than a month ago. So, in my mind I was thinking that all I had to do was go get the paper and get going .
On arriving there, I found a parking place in just a matter of seconds ( that's considered a miracle in port-sa3eed street ). I went up the mowazaffa responsible for the papers, she handed me it in just a matter of minutes. I was extremely happy and delighted. On my way to the door, I was stopped by her voice: " Go get this paper signed by Mrs. ...... & Mr. ...... 1". Huh, sign this again, mashy whatever. I couldn't find this Mrs..., but luckily I was told that there was some other guy who is equally autherised to sign the paper. I got the first signature and was off to get the second. Standing by this Mr.....1 door, his secertary stopped me telling me that he's not present and that he would probably be back in an hour or so. In my mind : ".................." , censored due to fasting. I asked for another autherised person, she told me: " go to Mr......2, third office on the left ".
My smile was back to my face, on reaching Mr.......2 office I handed the paper to his secertary filled with confidence that it's just a matter of seconds and I'll be heading home. Shel took a glance at the paper then looked back at me with an expression that I couldn't figure out what it meant, then said:" mosh hena ( not here, i.e: can't sign) go back to Mr........1 ".
So I went back to Mr. ....1 office, and asked the secertary : " Is he back yet ?" the response was negative. I just turned back, and went on my way.
What on earth is that, in order to receive a photocopy of a paper ( did I mention that it wasn't the original document ) I have to go twice.................

I 'll have to hold my temper, I'm fasting.

p.s: I still have high hopes ;)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Is this respect or disrespect ?? I need to know

Egyptians are well known for their respect for the elderly. If at anytime or place you happen to meet a senior citizen here in Egypt, he/she will usually be receiving a great deal of respect. Even if the man or lady is annoying, the people will still bear with him out of respect.
A strange phenomenon is spreading quickly in Egypt that I can't figure out why is that happening, with every traffic light or in any given street you'll find an old man/woman begging for money. This phenomenon is quite obvious in Ramadan, as it's a charity high season.
What I want know is: are these people in the streets out of respect or disrespect ? Have they known the egyptians' respect for the elderly besides their compassion for the needy and wanted to make use of that combination ? Or are they out because of their stone-hearted sons and daughters ?

I beleive such phenomenon is worth studying.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ramadan Kareem

Happy Ramadan. I hope all muslims around the world get to know more and practice even more the true teachings of Islam. I really hope I can recharge my spiritual battary during this holy month.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A couple of questions

In the memory of the 9/11 attacks , I have a couple of hypothetical questions going through my mind:
1) If someone other than Bush was the US president, will he have taken the same decisions of setting the whole world on fire ?
2) If these attacks hadn't took place in the first place, will Bush have started this war on terror ?

I don't have answers for these questions, but I can't stop thinking about them.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

When you really need it

Today I'm suffering some sort of Laryngitis ( that is inflamation of the larynx ) which lead to the total loss of my voice.
I had a list of important phone calls to make. I just have to postpone them.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Waiters can do more :)

Yesterday I was in a birthday party of one my best friends. It was held in a beutiful place by the side of the nile. The weather was good & the company wasn't that bad. The people at the party were mostly old school mates whom I haven't met for a few years. They aren't close friends, so I like keeping the relation with them at that level. I can see them every year or a few long months.
As you all know, usually the waiters/waitresses at any restaurant just take the orders, serve the food & get you your cheque. Luckily , I was saved by one yesterday.
I was eating my dinner, I was terribly hungry as I was fasting, when all of a sudden I'm engaged in a lousy conversation with someone I haven't seen or heard from for more than 3 years. I had nothing to tell him, I wanted to eat & he just wanted to talk. I couldn't turn my head away, so I just listened and responded with knodding my head and sounds like mmmmmm, aaah. Till a waiter came in between us , as he wasn't sitting right beside me, at this point I turned back to my plate and continued my dinner as if I wasn't talking or anything. When the waiter was gone, I didn't look back to that guy.
I enjoyed my meal so much. I wanted to thank that waiter.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Work Harder & Get Ready

In Arabic we have a saying " من كان يريد واعظا فالموت يكفيه ", which transaltes " whoever needs a preacher, death is enough ".
Y am I saying this, becoz in the past couple of days there have been a few deaths for celebs in Egypt. The 95 year old Noble prize winner Naguib Mahfouz & three 22 year old football players.
This is just a reminder, death can knock our door at any time. It doesn't matter if you are old or young.
Does this mean that we should let our lives and live like monks ?? Certainlly not, we must work and work harder to acheive something in our lives. But at the same time bearing in mind that we can be out of this world in a matter of seconds.
We should try to stop commiting our sins, worship more and have faith in ALLAH.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Will the resignation solve the mentality problem ?

With everyh major accident or to be precise catastrophe happening on/in Egypt. Neary all journalists start a campaign asking for the resignation of the people in charge of the facility, for example now they are demanding the resignation of the Minister of transport.
I have some doubts about such approach or demand.
The minister or the head of any position is responsible for laying down the main outline for work on that facility. He can't be responsile for every single role in the facility. I'll be more specific. Let's take the railways as an example For the minister of Transportation, it's one of many departments under his concern. He can lay down the basic ideas and the broad lines of what he thinks should be happening. Executing his thoughts is a responsilbilty for other people working under him. As the plans gets more detailed, it starts its descend down the pyramid, till reaching the train supervisor, driver, ......etc.
On reaching down the pyramid, these people suffer inhumane living conditions, they care nothing about executing orders or any change that they are told to do. Simply because, their conditions will remain the same, wheter they follow the regulations or not.
It's a problem of mentality of the smaller members of the pyramid. If the big fish were changed, such small fish living in the same conditions and maintaining the same mentality will remain in their positions, i.e: more accidents and catastrophes to come.
How can we get out of this dilemma; It's by replacing the big fish BUT with other ones who are influencial leaders who are capable of changing both the conditions and the mentality of the people working with him . This is a tough task, that's y if such person was found. He should be given the support he needs + some time to prove his worth.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Tooth Brush

Today I've bought a new tooth brush. Supposingly, it's one of the best brands in the market . According to the manufacturer, their is an indicator on some of the bristles that would change its colour to a certain mark by the third month. What's really strange, after my first use the indicator nearly reached the mark.
This leaves me with one of 2 options: 1) They are theives or 2) I have a problem with my oral hygiene habits

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stupid Location

I really want to know who is the responsible ( if any , asasan ) for laying down the plans for urban areas in this city Cairo ??
I'm interested in knowing why are they locating school(S) within metres from houses !!! It's really weired and unjustified. The school presence creates all sorts of problem: noise during the day with kids playing and bells ringing and lots of that stuff; during the early morning and after school hours traffic jam in already narrow jammed streets; if u r living near a secndary all boy school, probably u'll be hearing cursing all day long and u'll find that within ur neighbourhood millions of ahwas ( cafe shops ) are opened and not to mention the drug dealing and fights realted to these schools.
I thought that these were mistakes done by the planners 40 or 50 years ago, but I turned out to be wrong. On visiting many of the new cities, schools are located in the same old locations.
7aga .........
y am I writing this ???

Because, one of the schools beside my home is building new classes within its premises i.e: more noise and traffic jams.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Israel targets a refufgees' shelter in the Lebanes village of Qana, killing 60 people ( up till now ) out of which the most are children.
What's strange is that israel blames Hezb ALLAH , for it ???!!!!
How can that be ............

to see photos of this horrible massacre:

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bad mood :(

What can you do if you were in a situation when a friend of you offers to help you out with something and you agree to that, then everything goes terribly wrong ( conerning his part ) and not because of him but because of external circumstances ??!!!
All I can do is be upset for a while then I'll forget about it

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Who is supposed to find the other ?

A very strange question is going through my mind the past days: Am I supposed to search for love or should I just forget about it till it finds me ?
I beleive that love will find me anywhere, anytime and that when the right lady is there I'll just know it. I'm too busy to search for love as my daily scheduel is full and I'm having some hectic days.
My friends say that I should look around as love maybe just infront of me but I'm unable to see it because of me being busy.
Do they mean someone specific, I don't really know !! Will I change my way of life ? I think I'm so stubborn to do so.
I guess I'll wait for love to come my way

Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Fever

It was the day I've been waiting for some time. It's the world cup now.
Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to watch the ceremony, but I managed to see the 2 matches. Germany seems to be a good team.
This time, it seems that the world cup is only for giants, no room for small fish . As for myself, I love & adore the dutch team.
It's one month of football mania, Enjoy .

Friday, June 09, 2006

Good morning, Good afternoon & Good night

This is my very first post ever. To all the readers from around the globe , this page will be a reflection to how I see my life not a reflection of how I live it.
Reality always contradicts with the Eutopia.
I hope you enjoy the time you'll be spending on this page.