Sunday, October 29, 2006

You know you are in Egypt when ( 2 )

1) The BIGGEST problem the people are facing is whether women should wear a Niqab or Hijab.
2) The activity enjoyed by most Egyptian guys is changing from soccer to shisha. Long live cafes.
3) Kids think that the more noise they create with (bomb), the happier they will be. Aren't there any true fire-works in this country ??
4) Everyone know everything about anything, and guess what: everyone beleives he is the only one who knows!!!!
5) People define an enemy as the person who has an opinion the contradicts with their own.
6) People offer to help you if your car breaksdown. Forget about the fact they know nothing about mechanics. It's the idea that counts.
7) You pay 120 l.e, for a 100 l.e telephone card in order to recharge the credit of your moblie phone, to receive only 90 l.e.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice post and comments and actually the(you know you are in egypt when:)list can go forever,it's a wonder actually that people are still alive!