Friday, July 27, 2007

You know you are in Egypt when ( 6 )

1- People own Hi-Tech cell phones without any intention of using their full capabilities. They just buy it for the sake of looks.
2 - Almost every man ( especially those with little education ) who just hears you are related to the medical field, asks you about Viagra substitutes.
3 - You can break the ice with any stranger just by asking him about the weather, soccer or the name of the street.
4 - Al-ahly football club is the strongest political parties. ( there is no ahly party, in case you were wondering )
5 - 10 minutes can mean anything from 10 minutes to more than one and a half hours.
6 - You can escape the embarrassment of forgetting people's names by just calling them " basha ".


Have you ever heard about TED ? I haven't till yesterday.
Yesterday I was introduced to TED by my smart friend O. This seems to be some kind of a project that gathers brilliant people with magnificent ideas to give presentations about their ideas ( that's as far as I care ).
Take a glimpse at the kind of people over there.This guy is just amazing.

It seems that TED would be my newest addiction.