Thursday, June 05, 2008

The other side of Facebook

A couple of days ago I received a friend request over the facebook, I didn't recognize the name but on looking at the mutual friends I found alot of the people I know. I did accept this person on my friends list, thinking that he/she is an old classmate.
Within the following 2 days his/her friends list was full of around 100 people.
Today that person started a group for one sole reason: Attacking a newly married couple, this couple happen to be amongst our best friends.

Now we are deleting this person from our lists & reporting her/him and the group. Just to stop this nonsense.

What really surprised me is how easily we could be deceived over this facebook. All of my friends who had added this person, did so for the same reason I did. They thought it's someone common.

How clever are you??!!! It's only a matter of days and you'll be coming down.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A year of watching life rather than living it.

Today, it has been 13 months and 19 days since I joined the military service. It's been one hell of a year. I've missed alot of things in my life, but I've also learned ALOT in life.

Here's a list of what happened during this year in my life or in my close circuit of family and friends. ( the world can really change in 1 year ).

As regards my life:

-I found a job that I only stayed in for 1 working day , then I realized that it's not the job for me OR I'm not the one for this job.
-I worked at a filthy clinic for a month .
-I worked and still do at a good enough clinic and al-hamd LELLAH it's going on fine.
-I had a strong argument with a friend that resulted in loss of contact for around 6 months. We are working of fixing that now.
-The head of my Department at the University refuse to grant me his permission to start my M.Sc., so I'm 1 year late than my class.


-My father had two heart attacks. Everything is fine now and his health status is stable al-hamd LELLAH.
-My grandmother was hospitalized for a week. She is doing great now al-hamd LELLAH.
-My Brother and his wife got promoted at their company.


- O, finished his MBA program, so as S his wife who finished her MA of political science.
- S & N got engaged and married. They are heading for the USA.
- K & D got engaged and married. They are leaving for the USA as K got accepted in a PHD program.
- B got accepted in a MBA program, and he too is heading for the States.
- Z started his own private business. He had too shut it down 6 months later .
- M started his private business too. It's going on fine till now.
- Kh changed the company he works for.
- M got engaged.
- A got engaged.
- B got married, she even has a beautiful baby boy now.