Friday, April 03, 2009

Can't find the right formula.

I'm a person who is concerned about order at my work place, else it's chaos. My work place is a hospital, so I can't accept chaos. People are here to be treated not visit the circus.

I reach that by being strict and tough when mistakes happen.

This left me in a position where my superiors like me & whoever is under my authority doesn't.

The problem is, our field of concern is people's health, so by no means can I go soft on mistakes.

Yet it's not nice to have people shaking when they see you.

I'm looking deep within myself, maybe I can find the right formula one day.

If I didn't ever, I'd rather stick to this formula which always keeps my patient comes first.

Belya's beliefs :)

I tend to believe that :

1) What goes around comes around.
2) Not every smiling face is a happy one.
3) Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
4) Don't judge people if you don't want to be judged.
5) Curiosity killed the cat :)

I just completed an old post . 3ashan 7'atrek ya Gjoe. :D