Monday, January 22, 2007

The bright side of living in Egypt (1)

I've decided to start mentioning some of the positives of living in Egypt. Each coin has 2 sides, so does Egypt, there is the good side and the other one.
But, this doesn't mean I won't be sarcastic .
Here's the list.

1) You can never be considered late for any meeting, you are either early or on time. Even if you are actually 1 hour late ;)
2) You can enjoy an outing with your friends if you have 50 l.e or more. Still you can enjoy your friends' company for as much as 1 l.e., this is mainly for the guys ( RABENNA ye7'ally el-ahawy ).
3) You are always reminded to count your blessings, as you get to meet lots of less fortunate or un-healthy people.
4) There are lots and lots of marvelous natural treasures that you can enjoy for a relatively negligble amount of money.

you you are in Egypt when (5)

At last I'm able to post this video.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I noticed lately that I'm addicted.

I'm addicted to this

Sunday, January 14, 2007

How to know you are in Egypt ( 4 )

This post is a translated version of a part of Mr. Salah's Montaser's article in the Ahram dating 13/1/07.

The Egyptian is :

1) The one who understands in medicine, politics, sport & nearly everything.
2) Who talks with his/her guests on thier way out more than they have talked during their stay.
3) Piles empty jars in his/her kitchen throughout the years & never stops to collect more.
4) Keeps plastic bags underneath his/her bed mattress.
5) Arrives late for an hour or more at any appointment & doesn't apologise for that.
6) On having international phone calls, raises his/her voice assuming that the other party would hear better.
7) Pays 2 extra pounds for transportation to buy an item that is 1 pound cheaper.
8) Who makes fun of him/herself, his/her family, the government & the country ; but can't withstand anyone to make fun him/her or any other Egyptian.

p.s: In case you read the original text, I apologize for the poor translation.

Egyptian English

Sorry N I'll talk about the English language in Egypt. ( I didn't study & am not going to study linguistics )
First of all, I can rate my English language abilities as an above average. Yet this doesn't stop me from being annoyed by how the people use this language in a way that I call ( fazlaka ). People just use wrong pronunciations & mal-placed words just to brag about their English abilities.

Here's a small list ( the ones I could remeber now ) of words that are pronounced wrong by almost all the people and plz don't bother correcting it. If you just try to correct it to the people, the least thing you'll receive is a look that tells you ( yalla ya falla7 ):

1) Milk Shake ---------> milk Tchek
2) Spaghetti Bolognese -------------------> Spaghetti Polonez ( probably relating it to the car )
3) Ketchup ----------------> Katchap
4) On extracting teeth , we use the term Luxate. The students can't find a meaning for it, instead they use the word relaxate ( makes more sense to them, although it doesn't exist )

p.s: Most of the words I remembered are mostly used by waiters.

What lies beneath ?

I couldn't stop asking myself that question whenever I'm reading the newspapers these days. With every day, the ahram ( the largest governmental newspaper ) publishes more & more details about the scandal of the blood donation packs. The person who's accused in this scandal, is one of the richest business-men in Egypt and most importantly, he's one of the important figures of the National Democratic Party.
The ahram attacks that person on daily bases on its front page and the older and more powerful members of the NDP also attack the man. Which makes you wonder, why are these people doing so ? why is that newspaper attacking him ?
I don't beleive such attack is related to the anti-corruption moto the government is using. I feel that there's something fishy about that thing.
Is this scandal in this specific time was published so as to distract the people's eyes' from the ongoing so-called constitutional reformation ?
Is it just one form of the governmental plastic surgeries ?

I really don't know. Let's wait and see.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Jumairah Beach Residence

This is photo of the month at the National Geographic.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hourglasses and closed doors

I'm having some of the hardest times of my life ever. All the hardness comes from the anticipation I have to go through these days. Most of my crucial life decisions are delayed because of variables that doesn't lie in my own hands , so basically I'm just waiting.

I can magnify my life these days in one picture. My life resembles a series of closed doors, each door opens with the descent of the last sand grain in the hourglass.

My restlessness comes from the awaiting of the sand to come down and the fear of what lies behind the closed doors.

I hate it when I'm tortured by time

Thursday, January 04, 2007

5 things you don't know about Belya.

Tagged by Juka.

1) I have a terrible memory, when it comes to birthdates. I started using the my cell's reminder last year, I showed some improvement.

2) I have no nickname. ( talking about my real name here )

3) I hate driving in Cairo streets. I wish I can afford to hire a driver.

4) During examinations I used to enjoy: finishing my exams quickly & being the first person out of the examination premises. I hate to re-check what I've done with the people.

5) I enjoy teasing the curiosity of the Egyptians. I always leave nosey people with the urge and suspense to know more. ( espicially girls.... NO OFFENSE INTENDED, it just happened that most of the nosey people I knew were girls )


I don't know why, but I've just remebered a couple of interesting etiquette tips I've heared long time ago. Here in Egypt, it's considered good manners of a guy to let a lady come infront of him thorugh doors, into rooms , into elevators....etc. ( while him opening the door for her ).
This rule shouldn't be a fixed one, as it should be reversed when it comes to going up or down stair cases.
On going up, the man should lead the way so as not to see up the lady's skirt. While on descending down the stairs, he should lead so that incase she trips, she can lean on his shoulder to regain her balance.

No idea, why I remebered them

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lessons I've learnt during 06

- Do what should do, as hard as you can . Tawwakal 3ala ALLAH. Beleive me, results will surpass you wildest dreams.
- The darker your night becomes, the closer it is for the morning.
- The stronger the wind, the stronger you will be.
- Living with no goal = dead .
- False friends are the dagger that would stab you when you put down you armor.
- A good friend, is the one who would support your dreams and beleive in you when others don't.( Thx Juka , O , N, Z & G )
- The more you make mistakes, the more you learn & the less arrogant you become.
- If the people rumor about you, even though you are doing nothing to initiate such, it means that people are watching you even if they claim they don't.
- A single word can give you an idea or a suggestion that can change your entire life.
- The toughest thing to do is challenge yourself and the people at the same time.
- Always keep your mom happy.
- Best moments in life are those when people appreciate what you do for them. Say thank you & show gratitude to whoever deserves it.
- Be honest with yourself before being honest with the people.
- If the less fortunate people working under you respect you & at the same time consider you as their friend. You've owned the world.
- You'll hear alot, beleive only what you can see.