Thursday, January 04, 2007

5 things you don't know about Belya.

Tagged by Juka.

1) I have a terrible memory, when it comes to birthdates. I started using the my cell's reminder last year, I showed some improvement.

2) I have no nickname. ( talking about my real name here )

3) I hate driving in Cairo streets. I wish I can afford to hire a driver.

4) During examinations I used to enjoy: finishing my exams quickly & being the first person out of the examination premises. I hate to re-check what I've done with the people.

5) I enjoy teasing the curiosity of the Egyptians. I always leave nosey people with the urge and suspense to know more. ( espicially girls.... NO OFFENSE INTENDED, it just happened that most of the nosey people I knew were girls )

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Juka said...

Yay you did my tagg.

1) My b-day is one month and 8 days before yours :P

2) I'll think of one.. don't worry

3)and 4) Makes two of us.

5) Ya RAGEL!!