Monday, January 22, 2007

The bright side of living in Egypt (1)

I've decided to start mentioning some of the positives of living in Egypt. Each coin has 2 sides, so does Egypt, there is the good side and the other one.
But, this doesn't mean I won't be sarcastic .
Here's the list.

1) You can never be considered late for any meeting, you are either early or on time. Even if you are actually 1 hour late ;)
2) You can enjoy an outing with your friends if you have 50 l.e or more. Still you can enjoy your friends' company for as much as 1 l.e., this is mainly for the guys ( RABENNA ye7'ally el-ahawy ).
3) You are always reminded to count your blessings, as you get to meet lots of less fortunate or un-healthy people.
4) There are lots and lots of marvelous natural treasures that you can enjoy for a relatively negligble amount of money.

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Juka said...

Hmm. Don't worry.. All will work out great.