Thursday, February 01, 2007

To my dear friend

This year, 07, marks the passage of 5 years since we last talked. I don't think you'll read this, but if it happens and you did read it, I really wish that you'd realise that it's dedicated to you.
There are somethings I just want you to know. Your presence in my life meant alot, your departure also meant alot. The way you went out of my life, I believe, have changed me forever.
I remeber every word you told me, I remeber times we laughed together about my stubbornness, I recall your support during my downs & I enjoyed having matching opinions as regards most issues. I shall never forget the day when you were the only person ( out of that group) to remeber my birthday, I even kept your present infront of my eyes since then & I don't think I'll be changing their location soon.
I may have known you for a short period of time, but these years were enough for me to trust you and for you to beleive in me.These were some of the happiest years of my life.
From here I'm telling you, I apologise for not being able to share your happiness nor was I able to be by your side during your darkest moments. But I beleive you know the reason for my absence.
I wasn't there out of respect. Respect to a promise I gave you, respect to a request you asked from me and above all the respect to you.
We may have been destined to be friends but we decided to cut it loose at one point.
I miss you, I respect you and I will always be here if you ever need me.


Noblese said...

Very sincere post with deep feelings. Don't you think that time will heal whatever it was that caused your separation. Have courage!

Belya said...

What I wrote here, wasn't words. These were my true feelings just came out as sentences we can read.
As for the time reversing the process, naaah, don't think so.

p.s: separation doesn't need to come with bad incidents ;)