Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Free condoms !!!!!!!!!!

Yes you read the correct title, condoms for free !!!!!!!!!
I don't know what the hell is going on with the people of this country , or at least those business men. I was listening to the radio a couple of days ago, when I was stopped by a commercial about condoms. Till this point, this was one thing we started to get used to ( lel-asaf , to some extent ). At the end of the commercial, the guy said proudly: " Now, you can claim your free sample of our condoms at .......... pharmacies ".
I can't believe this. We are in Egypt for God's sake.
I'm starting to believe in conspiracy theory now. A few years back, valentine's day wasn't that of a big issue; it was mainly celebrated by the rich people and those who are culturally related to the European and American life styles in one way or another. This year, it started to become an epidemic. The country has turned into an open display of roses and it was covered in red, check this out (I don't want to discuss the religious back ground of valentine's, not my scope here.) Now, after turning valentine's into a national love day ( by the people ) , companies are offering condoms for free and that was in the days ahead of valentine's.
Is that a mere coincidence ???????!!!!!!!!

RABENNA yostor.

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