Monday, February 12, 2007

My subconscious rules

I was taking a look at the books I bought from the last book fair. I was stunned by the fact that most of my choices were influenced by gloomy mood back then. I bought 5 sarcastic books out of a total of 7 . I think that's not a few.

If you can't see the photo clearly, here's a list of what I got:
4 books by Mahmoud El-Sa3dany ( I just love that man )
1 book by Naguib Mahfooz; Ahlam Fatret Al-Naqaha
1 byYousef Ma3aty
1 by Galal Amin; whatever ELSE happened to the Egyptians ( the Arabic version, I've read the first part in Arabic, so I thought it would make sense to read this one too ).

Tagging anyone who's interested in showing us his/her new books

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