Monday, September 08, 2008

Plan B

One of the most important things that I believe-in in this life is PLANNING. As they say " if you fail to plan, then plan to fail ".
But I , personally, have one thing to add to this. My own strategy is to ALWAYS have a Back-up plan ( that's why I call it B, not because it comes in second ). It's of the same importance to having a plan in first place.
On planning anything I always have this question " what if it goes wrong ?" so, I usually have an answer to that ready in my pocket.
This is my own strategy and I've tried it with quiet success till now.

In Kuwait after 4 years ( 3 )

More of the stuff I've noticed :

1) It's new to this country to have roaming taxis. Back then, taxi was only an on-call service. You caouldn't find a car roaming the streets for you to stop.

2) The newest way to wear the hijab is what I call the ( Hunch-head ). Ladies put something under their hijab to lift the back area of their head. I haaaaaaaaate how it looks big time, it's a very repelling look.

3) The guys' in-style hair cut is to have every single hair on your head full length, dropping over the ear and back. The rest of your hair is ( sabayky-- 3ala ra2y a7mad 7elmy ).

4) Egyptian traits are becoming infectious, people started to stay up late. I never imagined that I'll have to stand in Sultan's ( a big hyper market ) qeue for 30:00 min. at 2:00 am !!!!!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

On feeling free

لم أكن أعلم أن حرية الروح كما سلبت يمكن يوما أن تعود . فإني أعلم بالتحديد في أي لحظات حياتي سلبت مني حريتي ، فلم أعد أتنفس كالبشر ، و لكني كنت منذ تلك اللحظة كالآلة التي تسحب الهواء ثم تفرغه دون إستغلاله أو الشعور بوجوده
و لكن مع إقلاع الطائرة لم أستطع إلا الإبتسام و الإحساس بنسيم الحرية يملىء رئتي . فها أنا قد ولدت حرا من جديد
Belya, 26-8-08
Right after the plane take-off .

Friday, September 05, 2008

In Kuwait after 4 years ( 2 )

3ashan 7'ater Sou, here are more of the things I've noticed in my short visit to Kuwait:

1) Hospitals are still a wonderful oraganised place ( that's if you are a doctor ).
2) There's an increase in the number of Indians & Egyptians.
3) Although the it has always been the case that cheap labour live in an un-human conditions, it's my first time to bump into a beggar who isn't arabic speaking. Does this indicate anything about their conditions !!!!!!!!! I don't know
4) There has been an improvement in the quality of internet connections.
5) Avenues, a veeeeeeery big mall, is a cool place. Yet, I find it soul-less.
6) Ikea is a boring place, you have to go through the whole 2 storeys of the store to reach the exit.
7) It's becoming a more difficult task to find normal decent clothing ( where you are still in style, yet you aren't wearing cat walk clothing). Stores are selling waaaaaaaaay trendy ( cat-walkish as I call it ) outfits.
8) More & more Egyptians are starting to own 4WD cars.

Kefaya keda.