Monday, September 08, 2008

Plan B

One of the most important things that I believe-in in this life is PLANNING. As they say " if you fail to plan, then plan to fail ".
But I , personally, have one thing to add to this. My own strategy is to ALWAYS have a Back-up plan ( that's why I call it B, not because it comes in second ). It's of the same importance to having a plan in first place.
On planning anything I always have this question " what if it goes wrong ?" so, I usually have an answer to that ready in my pocket.
This is my own strategy and I've tried it with quiet success till now.


Cesario said...

I think planning is great, but sometimes you can't plan, not because of the lack of trials, but because the situation is more impromptu. Yet, I do always keep in mind the worst case scenarios.
The one thing I always love to plan is any vacation to a foreign city. I have to have detailed plans even if I end up not fulfilling them all, I still feel good to just have them with me.

Belya said...

Yup you are totally right about the situations that doesn't need planning. But, I've a problem is that I usually over-think stuff even if they are not worth it.
So, most of the time I try to have a plan ( I really need to stop this habit )