Friday, October 01, 2010

Belya says

If can make younger generations avoid your own mistakes, that's a first step in a way for a better future.

Lessons from Belya's life.

  1. You may not be the best , but work hard to be the best you can be.
  2. Be patient.
  3. Un-justice hurts.
  4. Always count your blessings.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Why does it become so difficult to take decisions when emotions get involved in the formula ?!!!!

I'm not taking about life changing decisions, I'm talking just regular simple day to day decisions. Your mind sees one way and your heart tells you to go the other way.

Why can't they work together .............

off ba2a :)

Any way, I followed my mind. Hope it's worth it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Been trying for some time to write an explanation of love, just couldn't find a suitable definition nor an explanation.
Till I came up with this sentence.

Love: it's what makes life worth the hassle.

Thank you my princess :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

People in my life ( 1 )

Mr. Wael, Science teacher.

Although this guy wasn't a popular teacher among us students. He is one of the very few teachers who left a mark in my life.
He was a thirty something man back then, heavy smoker, had a thin mustache on his face, always had a green jacket on during the winter days or a white shirt during summer. Not a single day did he walk around school without his beloved friend, a black rectangular hollow stick.

It was this stick that completed the picture he drew for himself as a horror man. But, I tend to believe that deep inside he was a nice guy. I was in no place to discover such aspect.

It was this day that made a BIG difference in my life, I'm not the same person since.It was during my first year at the preparatory school, I was 12 back then.

We were having a quiz in the class. I had my turn, I got all my questions answered and done with it ( it was a one by one oral quiz ). Mr. Wael had strictly instructed everyone in the class to stay attentive and listen to questions carefully. I thought I was too good to listen ( I was the smart kid in class, THE geek ), so I grabbed my autograph book ( used to have one back then, not anymore ) & started reading what's written in it. I was keeping it at a lower level than my desk, as if he won't notice that I'm not listening.

Then, I heard my name being called by Mr. Wael: " Belya, What's that in your hand ? why aren't you listening ". I had no answer, so I just handed my book and headed towards the wall where he pointed. I stood there till the end of the class, facing the wall.

I wished it was over then. It wasn't till the class was over, that he called me out of the class room with him. I received the harshest scolding of my life. He told me, among some other stuff :
" Don't think that being smart relieves you from behaving properly. You might be my favorite student, but this doesn't mean you'll get any special treatment. When you go wrong you'll get what you deserve. "

Ever since, I decided that I won't accept such a scolding that was well deserved then. I always watched my steps, respected my self to be respected by others. I guess I followed through good enough so far.

Thanks alot Mr. Wael.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Memories ( 1 )

This specific memory , just keeps running in my head these days for no particular reason.

This was 9 years ago back in high school. I had a friend, who was considered an outcast at our school, he just didn't blend. He had to be my friend as we were classmates in the same preparatory school.

Well, this guy ( H ) was aggressive and not your typical friendly person, I used to see it as a way to protect himself from the hostile environment surrounding him. I was never faced with this side of him, I always knew how to tame the lion within.

It was this day when one of the know it all students ( T ) called ( H ) a name he truly despises ( to give you a bit of a background, T & H can't withstand each other for a minute ). ( T ) was trying to be funny, I call it stupid.
Then, a high school guys fight started. A totally uneven war, this book worm versus this hulk ( physically yes he was, compared to T ).

It was all a regular seen in any school that has teenagers, until the turning point happened. T's glasses were shattered because of one of H's punches. It only took a small piece of glass to convert T's white shirt into a bloody red one ( if your are in the medical field, you know that the face is rich in blood vessels. Which creates the seen of massive bleeding from minor injuries. To non-medicals it seems fatal ).

So there was the situation. ( H ) suspended, expected and nothing wrong with that. The whole school talking about and having class forums about the incident, at least our class did.

What was strange about the situation, at least to me. Every single student in the school blamed ( H ) for being hostile, aggressive .... etc. the same people who wouldn't point a finger or talk a word out if it was one of the " cool guys " accused of starting a fight in school.

I saw it as every one talked around because of the injury not because of the fight, I think it would have gone unnoticed if no injury was induced. But, it was stupidity as well as misfortune that led to the injury.

So during the class forum, every student put his 2 cents on the issue. Everyone blaming H and not a single one mentioning T's name. When it came down to me, I was already upset because of the incomplete picture people are looking at.

I started my talk, stating that it was T's fault to start with. It takes only a stupid person to go up to a macho man who doesn't like you and call him a name you know for sure he hates hearing. Everyone took me as if I'm defending H, but I was not. I was just setting things straight. Everyone should carry his load of blame and accusation.

I wasn't siding with H , but I was shocked by the double standard. Not a single word would have been talked in this class room that day, had the fight ended with no casualties. It would have taken the regular course, suspension of both students for some time & life goes on.

I was stamped for the remainder of the year, with the name tag H's buddy on my forehead. Which wasn't true...

Now, I don't know how has life treated ( H ) since & ( T ) is gliding down his path. Good luck to bot.

From here I want to say:
( H ) you were stupid on an overall setting, not in this incident only. You made people hate you & I couldn't help you out of that.

( T ) you were not as innocent as people made you believe you are. I don't think you deserve the ideal student award you were rewarded because of this specific incident.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Can't find the right formula.

I'm a person who is concerned about order at my work place, else it's chaos. My work place is a hospital, so I can't accept chaos. People are here to be treated not visit the circus.

I reach that by being strict and tough when mistakes happen.

This left me in a position where my superiors like me & whoever is under my authority doesn't.

The problem is, our field of concern is people's health, so by no means can I go soft on mistakes.

Yet it's not nice to have people shaking when they see you.

I'm looking deep within myself, maybe I can find the right formula one day.

If I didn't ever, I'd rather stick to this formula which always keeps my patient comes first.

Belya's beliefs :)

I tend to believe that :

1) What goes around comes around.
2) Not every smiling face is a happy one.
3) Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
4) Don't judge people if you don't want to be judged.
5) Curiosity killed the cat :)

I just completed an old post . 3ashan 7'atrek ya Gjoe. :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Your health.

Please please please, Don't hide any information as regards you health from your treating dentist.

A couple of days ago at the hospital, we had a patient who suffered from major complications during receiving his dental treatment. All of this was because he withheld a piece of information about his health, he thought irrelevant.

So, please be frank about your health.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Favourites Post.

Favorite color: Aqua

Favorite perfume (guys): Tommy ( when going out with friends ), Burberry & the ultimate classic Drakar Noir

Favorite perfume (girls): -------- ( no idea )

Favorite clothes brand in general
: Next

Favorite person in the entire world: My mom & my younger brother

Favorite country: I love Egypt but Turkey comes second

Favorite car: BMW ( one day will be in my garage )

Favorite sport: Soccer ( cliche isn't it ). Although I loved Archery when I used to play it.

Favorite sport player: Michael Schumakher. ( a true legend )

Favorite spot in the World: I always dream of the Maldives.

Favorite animal: Horses and eagles.

Favorite movie: That's a long list.

Favorite singer: Fairouz & Asala.

Favorite day in the week
: Mondays ( no idea why is that )

Favorite time of the day: The afternoon.

Favorite holiday season: Eids

Favorite number: 5 & 6

Favorite food: My mom's come first. If it wasn't for her I would have been living in Italy long time ago.

Favorite chocolate
: Milk chocolate. If you ask me about brands, Aero.

Favorite cartoon: The jungle book.

Favorite blogger: not answering.

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Chocolate , chocolate & more chocolate.

Favorite Mobile Brand: I'm used to Nokia.

Favorite name: This is another long list. ( Youssef, Tareq, Osama, Yara, Rana ..... )

Favorite room in my house
: My room.

Favorite fruit: Mango

Favorite flower: mosh 3aref.

Favorite Quran Reciter
: Mishary Rashed, Al-3agamy & Tawfiq Al-saye3'.

Favorite Websit
e: Masrawy & wikipedia