Saturday, July 11, 2009

Memories ( 1 )

This specific memory , just keeps running in my head these days for no particular reason.

This was 9 years ago back in high school. I had a friend, who was considered an outcast at our school, he just didn't blend. He had to be my friend as we were classmates in the same preparatory school.

Well, this guy ( H ) was aggressive and not your typical friendly person, I used to see it as a way to protect himself from the hostile environment surrounding him. I was never faced with this side of him, I always knew how to tame the lion within.

It was this day when one of the know it all students ( T ) called ( H ) a name he truly despises ( to give you a bit of a background, T & H can't withstand each other for a minute ). ( T ) was trying to be funny, I call it stupid.
Then, a high school guys fight started. A totally uneven war, this book worm versus this hulk ( physically yes he was, compared to T ).

It was all a regular seen in any school that has teenagers, until the turning point happened. T's glasses were shattered because of one of H's punches. It only took a small piece of glass to convert T's white shirt into a bloody red one ( if your are in the medical field, you know that the face is rich in blood vessels. Which creates the seen of massive bleeding from minor injuries. To non-medicals it seems fatal ).

So there was the situation. ( H ) suspended, expected and nothing wrong with that. The whole school talking about and having class forums about the incident, at least our class did.

What was strange about the situation, at least to me. Every single student in the school blamed ( H ) for being hostile, aggressive .... etc. the same people who wouldn't point a finger or talk a word out if it was one of the " cool guys " accused of starting a fight in school.

I saw it as every one talked around because of the injury not because of the fight, I think it would have gone unnoticed if no injury was induced. But, it was stupidity as well as misfortune that led to the injury.

So during the class forum, every student put his 2 cents on the issue. Everyone blaming H and not a single one mentioning T's name. When it came down to me, I was already upset because of the incomplete picture people are looking at.

I started my talk, stating that it was T's fault to start with. It takes only a stupid person to go up to a macho man who doesn't like you and call him a name you know for sure he hates hearing. Everyone took me as if I'm defending H, but I was not. I was just setting things straight. Everyone should carry his load of blame and accusation.

I wasn't siding with H , but I was shocked by the double standard. Not a single word would have been talked in this class room that day, had the fight ended with no casualties. It would have taken the regular course, suspension of both students for some time & life goes on.

I was stamped for the remainder of the year, with the name tag H's buddy on my forehead. Which wasn't true...

Now, I don't know how has life treated ( H ) since & ( T ) is gliding down his path. Good luck to bot.

From here I want to say:
( H ) you were stupid on an overall setting, not in this incident only. You made people hate you & I couldn't help you out of that.

( T ) you were not as innocent as people made you believe you are. I don't think you deserve the ideal student award you were rewarded because of this specific incident.

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