Wednesday, July 29, 2009

People in my life ( 1 )

Mr. Wael, Science teacher.

Although this guy wasn't a popular teacher among us students. He is one of the very few teachers who left a mark in my life.
He was a thirty something man back then, heavy smoker, had a thin mustache on his face, always had a green jacket on during the winter days or a white shirt during summer. Not a single day did he walk around school without his beloved friend, a black rectangular hollow stick.

It was this stick that completed the picture he drew for himself as a horror man. But, I tend to believe that deep inside he was a nice guy. I was in no place to discover such aspect.

It was this day that made a BIG difference in my life, I'm not the same person since.It was during my first year at the preparatory school, I was 12 back then.

We were having a quiz in the class. I had my turn, I got all my questions answered and done with it ( it was a one by one oral quiz ). Mr. Wael had strictly instructed everyone in the class to stay attentive and listen to questions carefully. I thought I was too good to listen ( I was the smart kid in class, THE geek ), so I grabbed my autograph book ( used to have one back then, not anymore ) & started reading what's written in it. I was keeping it at a lower level than my desk, as if he won't notice that I'm not listening.

Then, I heard my name being called by Mr. Wael: " Belya, What's that in your hand ? why aren't you listening ". I had no answer, so I just handed my book and headed towards the wall where he pointed. I stood there till the end of the class, facing the wall.

I wished it was over then. It wasn't till the class was over, that he called me out of the class room with him. I received the harshest scolding of my life. He told me, among some other stuff :
" Don't think that being smart relieves you from behaving properly. You might be my favorite student, but this doesn't mean you'll get any special treatment. When you go wrong you'll get what you deserve. "

Ever since, I decided that I won't accept such a scolding that was well deserved then. I always watched my steps, respected my self to be respected by others. I guess I followed through good enough so far.

Thanks alot Mr. Wael.


gjoe said...

3ayzeeen posts gedeeeda ba2a!

Belya said...

And I thought no one was following :)

7ader ya Gjoe, I was gonna shut it down ( just couldn't take the step ). 3ashan 7'atrek enty bass hakteb tany isA.

It's just that sometimes you feel you are out of ideas or words. It's been a long period I know, bass I'll work on it isA

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