Friday, April 03, 2009

Can't find the right formula.

I'm a person who is concerned about order at my work place, else it's chaos. My work place is a hospital, so I can't accept chaos. People are here to be treated not visit the circus.

I reach that by being strict and tough when mistakes happen.

This left me in a position where my superiors like me & whoever is under my authority doesn't.

The problem is, our field of concern is people's health, so by no means can I go soft on mistakes.

Yet it's not nice to have people shaking when they see you.

I'm looking deep within myself, maybe I can find the right formula one day.

If I didn't ever, I'd rather stick to this formula which always keeps my patient comes first.


Anonymous said...

I opened the comments panel 3ashan a suggest a certain way of dealing with error, then I remember that you are dealing with peoples lives there. There should be no margin for error.

I think you already have the right formula. Even if you sacrificed your "popularity"

Belya said...

The problem ya Gjoe is, this still is an educational facility. Mistakes do happen when we are learning, that's how we learn.

It's just that it's risky when it comes to people's lives. Yes, mistakes shouldn't happen but they will. This is education.