Sunday, February 11, 2007

I consider this as an insult.

Yesterday we were having a family dinner at Spectra ( located in Mohandeseen ). The food was great and the service was friendly.
Although their restaurant is good, I still can't forgive their insult to the Egyptian people. Yes, I repeat again, insult to Egyptians. What else can you call a menu that is fully written in English, not just that, but in order to illustrate what's written to those who don't know English there's a photo of every single dish in the menu .
GRRRRRRRR, I'm really angry and I feel insulted. Some of my extended family can't read english, does this make any difference as regards how classy they are or the kind of people they are !!!!!!!!! I really don't think so. I had to work as a translator for them & that really made me feel bad. I respect and like my family members, it really hurts when you feel someone you like feels offended or left out.
I looked around the restaurant, all customers ( if that's the correct word to use here ) were either Egyptians or Arabs. So why the ........ do they have a menu that's fully in English. I've seen restaurants that have Arabic menus beside their English menus, I totally respect these people.
If that restaurant and alike ones don't need Egyptian or Arab customers, I believe they should have the guts to speak it out loud. Else, I believe they'd better change their policies.


Belya said...

Having a picture beside the name of the dish isn't an insult. But the way I saw it yesterday it was.
I asked one of my family members to forget about the picture on making his choice, he answered me back that the pictures are the only thing he can understand in the whole menu.

Juka said...

I have not been there in a while but the old menus were bi-lingual. I mean CHILIS has a menu in Arabic for God's sake.!!!!!