Sunday, January 14, 2007

How to know you are in Egypt ( 4 )

This post is a translated version of a part of Mr. Salah's Montaser's article in the Ahram dating 13/1/07.

The Egyptian is :

1) The one who understands in medicine, politics, sport & nearly everything.
2) Who talks with his/her guests on thier way out more than they have talked during their stay.
3) Piles empty jars in his/her kitchen throughout the years & never stops to collect more.
4) Keeps plastic bags underneath his/her bed mattress.
5) Arrives late for an hour or more at any appointment & doesn't apologise for that.
6) On having international phone calls, raises his/her voice assuming that the other party would hear better.
7) Pays 2 extra pounds for transportation to buy an item that is 1 pound cheaper.
8) Who makes fun of him/herself, his/her family, the government & the country ; but can't withstand anyone to make fun him/her or any other Egyptian.

p.s: In case you read the original text, I apologize for the poor translation.


CAESAr-DIABLo said...

LOOOOOOOOL .. hehehehe .. nice one .. loool ... dunno if im laughin coz i dint sleep or coz it is so funny .. but nyway it is so funny .. btw its ma 1st time here ... n i like ur blog

Sou said...

Ohhh!!! I'm TOTALLY with number eight!!!

I remember I said, "Omg, now that is just way too Egyptian!" Then my friend [not Egyptian] said something about Egyptians and I nearly bit her head off. What's up with that? lol...

Belya said...

Welcome on board caesar, nawwart el-makan.

Sou: I guess u are one of the egyptians that we describe by " el-masry hayefdal masry, el-neil rawah w el-7'eir gowwah " :D lol.

p.s: that's a piece of an advertisment that was very popular in Egypt a few years ago, in case you don't know it.