Thursday, January 04, 2007


I don't know why, but I've just remebered a couple of interesting etiquette tips I've heared long time ago. Here in Egypt, it's considered good manners of a guy to let a lady come infront of him thorugh doors, into rooms , into elevators....etc. ( while him opening the door for her ).
This rule shouldn't be a fixed one, as it should be reversed when it comes to going up or down stair cases.
On going up, the man should lead the way so as not to see up the lady's skirt. While on descending down the stairs, he should lead so that incase she trips, she can lean on his shoulder to regain her balance.

No idea, why I remebered them

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sara said...

I totally agree with you..
You've reminded me of prophet Musa (Moses) may peace be upon him..
You reminded me of the story of him helping the sisters with their animals, & how he didn't want to get distracted by them walking in front of him to lead him to the place, so he walked ahead of them, and then to get himself on the safe side, he even asked them not to say right or left (to direct him), but instead through a stone to the right if they wanna turn right, and so on..
Fitnahs are every where.. Alla around us.. And holing on to the deen, is like holding a daaaaaaamn hot peace of coal..
May Allah save you and shabab alummah, & fill our hearts and enliven our senses with hayaa'.. 'cuz this thing precisely can never be bought or sold!!

With respect,