Sunday, January 14, 2007

What lies beneath ?

I couldn't stop asking myself that question whenever I'm reading the newspapers these days. With every day, the ahram ( the largest governmental newspaper ) publishes more & more details about the scandal of the blood donation packs. The person who's accused in this scandal, is one of the richest business-men in Egypt and most importantly, he's one of the important figures of the National Democratic Party.
The ahram attacks that person on daily bases on its front page and the older and more powerful members of the NDP also attack the man. Which makes you wonder, why are these people doing so ? why is that newspaper attacking him ?
I don't beleive such attack is related to the anti-corruption moto the government is using. I feel that there's something fishy about that thing.
Is this scandal in this specific time was published so as to distract the people's eyes' from the ongoing so-called constitutional reformation ?
Is it just one form of the governmental plastic surgeries ?

I really don't know. Let's wait and see.

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