Sunday, January 14, 2007

Egyptian English

Sorry N I'll talk about the English language in Egypt. ( I didn't study & am not going to study linguistics )
First of all, I can rate my English language abilities as an above average. Yet this doesn't stop me from being annoyed by how the people use this language in a way that I call ( fazlaka ). People just use wrong pronunciations & mal-placed words just to brag about their English abilities.

Here's a small list ( the ones I could remeber now ) of words that are pronounced wrong by almost all the people and plz don't bother correcting it. If you just try to correct it to the people, the least thing you'll receive is a look that tells you ( yalla ya falla7 ):

1) Milk Shake ---------> milk Tchek
2) Spaghetti Bolognese -------------------> Spaghetti Polonez ( probably relating it to the car )
3) Ketchup ----------------> Katchap
4) On extracting teeth , we use the term Luxate. The students can't find a meaning for it, instead they use the word relaxate ( makes more sense to them, although it doesn't exist )

p.s: Most of the words I remembered are mostly used by waiters.


Sou said...

That my friend is what I call 'Egylish"

Polonese? *shudders*

Apparently, they think they can " speak London very best"...Or what do you think? :)

You've got to increase more Egylish words to the list ya Belya! :)

Belya said...

7elwa 7ekayet Egylish dih.
As for the list, you are more than welcome to contribute. These are the ones I can recall for now.

Belya said...
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CAESAr-DIABLo said...

yea bro u r right :) milk tchek ,tchek :S .. n there r more n more .. goal-- goon , prince--brins n bla bla bla .. i think that we need to learn the Egylish coz we r soo bad in it :)