Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You know you are in Egypt when:

1- you stand in a que for hours waiting for a paper to be signed by a government official. while you are there, you hear people complaining about disrespect and lack of organization BUT these people are the ones who refuse to stand in the que.
2- you see police cars are the first to skip the traffic lights.
3- you are invited for iftar during Ramadan, and you find an enormous amount of food that could satisfy the same number of people for more than a week.
4- you see the employees fighting and arguing about hijab or any other islamic issue during working hours instead of finishing their work
5- you find tons of garbage in the streets surrounded by many garbage collectors standing right beside it waiting to be tipped.
6- you hear "kol sana wenta tayyeb ya basha" with every traffic light.

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Mia said...

I love your lists and blog *grin* wondering what number #6 means in english?

Egypt is awesome... someday, God willing, I'll be able to go back.

Happy Ramadan!