Sunday, October 01, 2006

Routine sucks

I've always been a person with high hopes as regards the change that could occur in this country. I've also been optimistic as regards the Egyptian routine , I sometimes considered it as overrated and that it wasn't that bad. This doesn't mean that I had good times on dealing with routine, I had my share of the stupid system, yet I kept my smile........ Till today.
Today I was supposed to receive one of my dad's working documents from his work place. Just for you to be in the picture , that paper took over a week from me to get it done. They asked for many papers from different places wide spread over Cairo and I got all that done with the help of my older brother more than a month ago. So, in my mind I was thinking that all I had to do was go get the paper and get going .
On arriving there, I found a parking place in just a matter of seconds ( that's considered a miracle in port-sa3eed street ). I went up the mowazaffa responsible for the papers, she handed me it in just a matter of minutes. I was extremely happy and delighted. On my way to the door, I was stopped by her voice: " Go get this paper signed by Mrs. ...... & Mr. ...... 1". Huh, sign this again, mashy whatever. I couldn't find this Mrs..., but luckily I was told that there was some other guy who is equally autherised to sign the paper. I got the first signature and was off to get the second. Standing by this Mr.....1 door, his secertary stopped me telling me that he's not present and that he would probably be back in an hour or so. In my mind : ".................." , censored due to fasting. I asked for another autherised person, she told me: " go to Mr......2, third office on the left ".
My smile was back to my face, on reaching Mr.......2 office I handed the paper to his secertary filled with confidence that it's just a matter of seconds and I'll be heading home. Shel took a glance at the paper then looked back at me with an expression that I couldn't figure out what it meant, then said:" mosh hena ( not here, i.e: can't sign) go back to Mr........1 ".
So I went back to Mr. ....1 office, and asked the secertary : " Is he back yet ?" the response was negative. I just turned back, and went on my way.
What on earth is that, in order to receive a photocopy of a paper ( did I mention that it wasn't the original document ) I have to go twice.................

I 'll have to hold my temper, I'm fasting.

p.s: I still have high hopes ;)

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Anonymous said...

I totally hear you. My bank (one of the public 4; entirely my fault) is giving me an equally hard time. God I hate the system.