Saturday, October 14, 2006

Smart yet pathetic

Today, a group of friends and I were visiting an educational exhibition of some sort. The exhibition was organised by an NGO, it was about the educational oppurtunities in the US.
On arriving there, I bumped into a group of my college mates. They are one year younger than I am and they are of the elite students of their class. I have usually respected their intelligence and personalities.
Back to the exhibition. A side activity was multiple quizes, the quizes were about the organisation & the USA . These quizes were meant for fun and the presents were some small educational aids, such as TOEFL books or short English courses ( not bad rewards ). Anyway, on anouncing the winner of the first quiz, it turned out to be one of them. I told my self that they were good readers to know such amount of diverse information, as I used to think they are just good with study materials.
On my way out, I saw them standing at a corner with a serious look on their faces. I approached them with a smile, on asking them what's wrong, it turned out that nothing is wrong. They were just waiting for a phone call from a friend who is not present with them to give them the answers of the second quiz!!!!!!!! I was stunned, I asked them " is your friend that smart ?" , I received a sarcastic look accompanying this answer: " ofcourse not, he's at his home digging answers at Wikipedia "..............................
I waited for the results of that second quiz, out of curiuosity. Guess what, another one of them won. What a surprise. On handing out papers for the third quiz, they grabbed them quickly and went to their corner.
I left them with a smile on my face, thinking how pathetic these nerds are. I wanted to turn around and tell them " Have a life you losers".

p.s: They proved to be smart, as there was no rule stating that you can't get external aid.

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