Sunday, October 29, 2006

I love bad students.

I don't know why but today I happened to remember some of my college days. Back then ( which isn't that far, a year ago)I wasn't one of the prefered students by most of my Doctors and instructors because I had 2 terrible traits : I dared to ask and most importantly object !!!!
I won't claim I'm a hero or that I was the only one diseased with these two, but we were quiet few. I don't know what's wrong with teaching staff in our universities, I think they are well qualified to deal with robots rather than thinking creatures. Just to be honest, we were appreciated by a scanty number of the staff members.
I can recall a few incidents, one of them was during one of the clinical classes during my final year ( am a dentist by the way ). During that class, I had a difficult case in which I had my opinion as regards the diagnosis and how to deal with it. I went to ask my supervisor's opinion and all I got was a look down besides " You are wrong ". I didn't accept such treatment, so I responded " I don't think so, I believe it's .....{technical stuff}" with stating my evidence. The supervisor was shocked, it was the first time for a student to discuss a decision or an order he had given, besides : I was correct :D
Another incident happened during one of the laboratory sessions. We were there waiting for the instructor to arrive, but we were somehow noisy. Most of the noise was caused by a friend of mine, an instructor was passing by the classroom was annoyed by the noise. The instructor walked into the classroom searching for the source of the noise, she pointed out my friend. Here's how the discussion went on:
Instructor: " Name and Id number ?" that's the typical university threat.
Friend : " NO "
Instructor : " What, how dare u ?"
Friend: " You have no right to ask for that, so I won't be giving you any ", my friend had a point, that instructor has nothing to do with our classes and not even with our teaching staff.
Instructor: " We'll see about that " leaving with firy eyes.

I now beleive that we need more bad students in our system, people who can think and dare to question.

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