Saturday, October 14, 2006

The list continues to grow, so does the rumors.

I don't know if it's just me or it's true that the muslims are concerned about the number of celebreties converting to Islam. With every new day, you find a piece of news or a new rumor stating that some celebrity has converted to Islam or is thinking about converting to Islam.
This is really rediculous. It's something great to know that someone has converted to Islam, but it's rediculous to celebrate their conversion just because they are famous. People are happy because they think that such famous people will help in changing the way the west looks upon Islam.
It's not something pleasent to see Islam and muslims being accused for all evil in this world. But instead of waiting for the newly convert muslims to correct this pictures, muslims (us I mean) should start practising true Islam throughout their life, instead of just stating that they are muslims without any proof of that.
Islam isn't just a bunch of rituals we pratice, Islam is a way of life we should follow. Instead of having Islam as one of many aspects of our lives, we should have all aspects of our life follow the teachings of Islam.
On being true muslims ourselves, take my word for it, we will wait for noone.

Here are two lists, one of those who have anounced publicily that they have converted to Islam & the other one is for those who people rumor that they did. ( these lists include only the names I know)

list 1:
Frank Ribery, Nicolas Anelka ( French international soccer players)
Philipe Troussier & his wife ( French soccer coach )

list 2:
Theirry Henry ( French international soccer player )
Bruno Mitso ( French soccer coach )
Robin van Persie ( Dutch international soccer player )
Kaka ( Brazilian international soccer player ): I've just read this on an arabic site yesterday but I couldn't find it elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Why do people obsess over the religion of soccer stars. Its not like their religion is directly proportional to their performance. If so then whatever theological orientation Pele or Maradona followed just got automatic validation. Humans are WIERD :S