Friday, September 29, 2006

Is this respect or disrespect ?? I need to know

Egyptians are well known for their respect for the elderly. If at anytime or place you happen to meet a senior citizen here in Egypt, he/she will usually be receiving a great deal of respect. Even if the man or lady is annoying, the people will still bear with him out of respect.
A strange phenomenon is spreading quickly in Egypt that I can't figure out why is that happening, with every traffic light or in any given street you'll find an old man/woman begging for money. This phenomenon is quite obvious in Ramadan, as it's a charity high season.
What I want know is: are these people in the streets out of respect or disrespect ? Have they known the egyptians' respect for the elderly besides their compassion for the needy and wanted to make use of that combination ? Or are they out because of their stone-hearted sons and daughters ?

I beleive such phenomenon is worth studying.

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