Friday, September 08, 2006

Waiters can do more :)

Yesterday I was in a birthday party of one my best friends. It was held in a beutiful place by the side of the nile. The weather was good & the company wasn't that bad. The people at the party were mostly old school mates whom I haven't met for a few years. They aren't close friends, so I like keeping the relation with them at that level. I can see them every year or a few long months.
As you all know, usually the waiters/waitresses at any restaurant just take the orders, serve the food & get you your cheque. Luckily , I was saved by one yesterday.
I was eating my dinner, I was terribly hungry as I was fasting, when all of a sudden I'm engaged in a lousy conversation with someone I haven't seen or heard from for more than 3 years. I had nothing to tell him, I wanted to eat & he just wanted to talk. I couldn't turn my head away, so I just listened and responded with knodding my head and sounds like mmmmmm, aaah. Till a waiter came in between us , as he wasn't sitting right beside me, at this point I turned back to my plate and continued my dinner as if I wasn't talking or anything. When the waiter was gone, I didn't look back to that guy.
I enjoyed my meal so much. I wanted to thank that waiter.

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