Sunday, July 30, 2006


Israel targets a refufgees' shelter in the Lebanes village of Qana, killing 60 people ( up till now ) out of which the most are children.
What's strange is that israel blames Hezb ALLAH , for it ???!!!!
How can that be ............

to see photos of this horrible massacre:


DAG said...

The truth is those deaths are the responsibility of Hezbollah. The Hezbo terror masters intentionally place military equipment as close to children as possible to maximize civilian casualties and their PR points. The sad reality is, Israel cares more about Muslim Civilian casualties than Muslims care about Muslim Civilian casualties. As Israel soul searches, Hezbollah celebrates.

Belya said...

I disagree with u dag. Even if Hezb ALLAH keeps the weapons in close proximity to civilians, does this justify killing the civilians !!!
Besides, most of the deaths on the lebanese side were only civilians and there was no trace of any weapon whatsoever on most of the targeted buildings