Monday, December 25, 2006

Interesting number.

Everyday on my way to work and on the way back home, me and my beloved car suffer from the awful roads and streets we have here in Cairo. So, I decided to count how many road bumps & pits I have to go through everday.
On counting those road obstacles on my way to work, a 10 km journey ( a very short one ), I had to go through 30 lousy pits and bumps. That's on using some of Cairo's most important streets.
Ah, and I only counted those ones you have to say "ouch" if u didn't notice.

From here, I ask the government to help the people buy 4wd cars :)

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sara said...

I can't imagine me driving anything but Jeep!!
Not only 'cuz it helps me through the 'road obstacles', but 'cuz of my fast & furious driving scheme :)

One summer, in Egypt, one family friend of mine tried letting me drive her 'manual' car..


I miss Egypt's shaware'!!

I miss Ahmed fakhry's street, that place near hadiqet etefl, masjid ibn alarqam & it all..
Hmm.. That's where our house lies all alone now!!

With respect,