Thursday, December 28, 2006

My wish for you

The new year is around the corner, but I only have one wish:

I wish that you have a dream.

Yup, that's it. Once you have one, you'll figure a way to reach it

Kol sana wento tayyebeeen


sara said...

From where I stand, I believe it would have been more ----(dunno what to put here, I thought of 'better', but didn't like it)--- if you wished for us a wish, not a dream..

As a dream is charmingly a dream.. & would be better for it to stay that way..

But a wish is what you'll try figure a way to reach..

U following?!

Kol lahza wento mutaqeen!

With respect,

sara said...

Just for the sake of it:

sara said...


sara said...

And this is for a li'l tuning in:

sara said...

Okay okay, last one.. my wish:

PS> Dunno, you just brough it all back to me!

Belya said...

Well, dunno what to tell you. But here goes.
As you aren't living in Egypt now, you can't touch the daily issues from the street.
Now, the people forgot their ability of dreaming, they are so consumed with their daily life that they considered dreaming as a luxoury they can't afford.
If the people can't dream, they are dead people. A dream, as sweet as it may be or even as impossible as it may seem, adds value to life and renders it worth living.
A wish for a dream, is a wish for a better future and happier days.

sara said...

You just reminded me of a song i used to hear when i was a kid in my teta's house in the summer time, and precisely in the afternoons.. my uncle was a mohammed mounir freak, and he used to play his tracks, but there was this track that just hit me reading your words..
'law batalna nehlam nemoot'

Belya said...

I love Mounir too, I also love this song. Since you've reminded me of it, I'll put it in the background.

sara said...

Well, there is this thing that's bothering me like crazy, & I think the best way to do deal with it is to spill my beans..

I feel so bad for being the reason to cause this song being sung over and over in your blog instead of takbeer.. As you know, it's arafat day and takbeer is prefered today..

Pheeeeeeewww.. I feel better now..

With resepect,