Friday, December 15, 2006

Some friends are just great

Yesterday, a friend of mine ( romantic Z ) surprised me and another friend ( helpful G ) with a small party.
The party was in the celebration of G's upcoming engagement & my new position ( Will tell u about it later isA ). The celebration was fun, we laughed our hearts out. We were sitting at an ahwa ( not a cafe ) with a group of hilarious of people, when all of a sudden Z is carrying a big cake and approaching us.
We were stunned and confused, we didn't c this coming. The ahwa had nothing to help us with eating the cake, but Z was ready with everything: plates, forks & most importantly a knife ;)

Bottom line, it's great to have friends such as Z.

Z: We may not always be on the same page, but you are the BEST.


Sou said...

Aww..that's so sweet!!


Juka said...

Cool. Is that the Z I think it is?

Belya said...

Sou: yup, that was soooo sweet of him. I just thank ALLAH, that I have such friends.

Jux: Nope. Another Z :)
Antom alsabekoon :P