Monday, December 25, 2006

You know you are in Egypt when ( 3 )

1) The salary of a garbage collector is 400 l.e. While a resident doctor receives 200 l.e. ( Both working for the same government )
2) Despite of number 1, lots of high school students wish to become doctors !!!!!
3) Any single person who is older than you, even if it's just a matter of months is considered a wiser and a more experienced person.
4) A guy spends few exhausting years chasing a girl till she surrenders. Then, when it comes to marriage she's not a candidate as he can't trust her.
5) Owning a cellular phone is considered a goal by lots of people, even if they have noone to call.
6) You receive parking aid anywhere in Cairo ;)
7) The safest place to park your car, is right next to your bed :)

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sara said...

A wedding has to cause a lotta money..
Weddings take place in hotels..
A wedding has to start near the middle of the night..
And talking about that, here's what I believe is a better way of doing it: