Monday, December 25, 2006

Feel bad, study and move on.

Today was my first surgery :) Yup, I started operating with my own hands. It was a case of surgical removal of a wisdom tooth and oh my God was it a lousy case selection. It was a veeerry difficult case for me to have it as my first .
First off, during the operation I figured out that my assigned assistant was a lousy person ( sorry for that, but that's the truth ). To clarify, during oral surgeries the assistant has an important role in facilitating the procedures for the surgeon, he/she should act as extra 2 hands for the surgeon.He should anticipate the surgeon's need and listen to what the surgeon has to ask from him. This guy not only he delayed my procedures but also interfered with my work, ya3ny heyya kanet na2sah asasan.
Secondly, the case was soooo difficult that I needed the help of my supervisor ( a blow to my self-confidence ). But, does it end here ?! Of course not, the case presented one of the worst complications you can face during operating, severe bleeding ............ :( ( Just to add to my misery ).
Luckily enough, my supervisor assisted by me ( replacing the lousy assistant ) managed to get that wisdom tooth out after frustrating 90 minutes. After that, I was operating again to finish off the case. Thx God, that was an easy part that I managed to get done in a few minutes.

Later on, I spent the rest of the day at the hospital in a gloomy mood because of that case.

When I was back home, I slept like the dead. After waking up and having my tea, I decided to spill all my frustration and anger on the surgery books. I spent more than 4 hours of reading in text books.
Now that I've learned few things from my reading, I feel somehow better.
I'll just have to get over that day.

I'll end my blog with a statement I heared from one of the famous surgeons, just to comfort myself:
" If a surgeon states that he doesn't face any complications, it's either one of things: 1) He doesn't operate . 2) He is a liar . "

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Juka said...

Ouch. Sorry about your bad day. Given the timing of the posting doesn't seem you got much sleep last night. Don't dwell on it too long, you were just unlucky, isa next time the case will be a breeze. Good luck ya fandem.