Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stupid Location

I really want to know who is the responsible ( if any , asasan ) for laying down the plans for urban areas in this city Cairo ??
I'm interested in knowing why are they locating school(S) within metres from houses !!! It's really weired and unjustified. The school presence creates all sorts of problem: noise during the day with kids playing and bells ringing and lots of that stuff; during the early morning and after school hours traffic jam in already narrow jammed streets; if u r living near a secndary all boy school, probably u'll be hearing cursing all day long and u'll find that within ur neighbourhood millions of ahwas ( cafe shops ) are opened and not to mention the drug dealing and fights realted to these schools.
I thought that these were mistakes done by the planners 40 or 50 years ago, but I turned out to be wrong. On visiting many of the new cities, schools are located in the same old locations.
7aga .........
y am I writing this ???

Because, one of the schools beside my home is building new classes within its premises i.e: more noise and traffic jams.

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