Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Will the resignation solve the mentality problem ?

With everyh major accident or to be precise catastrophe happening on/in Egypt. Neary all journalists start a campaign asking for the resignation of the people in charge of the facility, for example now they are demanding the resignation of the Minister of transport.
I have some doubts about such approach or demand.
The minister or the head of any position is responsible for laying down the main outline for work on that facility. He can't be responsile for every single role in the facility. I'll be more specific. Let's take the railways as an example For the minister of Transportation, it's one of many departments under his concern. He can lay down the basic ideas and the broad lines of what he thinks should be happening. Executing his thoughts is a responsilbilty for other people working under him. As the plans gets more detailed, it starts its descend down the pyramid, till reaching the train supervisor, driver, ......etc.
On reaching down the pyramid, these people suffer inhumane living conditions, they care nothing about executing orders or any change that they are told to do. Simply because, their conditions will remain the same, wheter they follow the regulations or not.
It's a problem of mentality of the smaller members of the pyramid. If the big fish were changed, such small fish living in the same conditions and maintaining the same mentality will remain in their positions, i.e: more accidents and catastrophes to come.
How can we get out of this dilemma; It's by replacing the big fish BUT with other ones who are influencial leaders who are capable of changing both the conditions and the mentality of the people working with him . This is a tough task, that's y if such person was found. He should be given the support he needs + some time to prove his worth.

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