Friday, November 03, 2006

A trip into a harasser's mind

This mass sexual harrassment issue got me very confused, I was unable to find a reason for such actions . I tried to take a trip into a harrasser's mind, just trying to be in their shoes. What is it that makes such people perform such act.

Any male ( man ) can have sexual thoughts as regrads any woman ( female ) he is dealing with, ( beleive me, who denies this has a problem somewhere ). Such thoughts are either changed or prevented from converting into an action by a sequence of STOP buttons, whether that button was religion, morals , law.......etc.

I beleive that such people perform such actions due to the absence of their STOP buttons.
Here's a list, I think most normal people have. (I think they work in a way like back-up sytems, if no. 1 is down 2. will work and so on)

1) Religious teachings.
2) Morals and social traditions
3) Law
4) The victim will kick your ass
5) The vitim will avenge herself later

On thinking of attacking a female, you should normally be stopped by your religious teachings, if you are an atheist the society and the surrounding traditions will stop you, if don't give a dam about the community you'll fear being sued over such act but if you are sure that the law won't reach you, you'll fear the victim's revenge.

The harasser lacks the above formula.

I beleive that's the true problem, the surrounding atmosphere failed to create any intimidation or threat to the harasser. He is sure he'll get through unpunished or stopped in any way.

Besides the lack of a braking system. Such people have a group of misconceptions that either pushes them in that direction or justifies their act:

1) I'm a male = I'm a superior creature. ( look how our community forgives men for having affairs, while condemns women for such act )
2) She deserves ( wants ) that, look at what she's wearing
3) If I can't marry, why not have anonymous fun for free
4) What's the worst that could happen ( the stop buttons )

I don't know, these are just my ideas and beleifs. I may have been influenced by some stuff I read lately, but that's my own conclusion.

This doesn't explain the mass sexual harrassements, but I think on combinig the above with the herd mentality.......... we can get something.


Anonymous said...

hi BELYA's my first time on your blog..I liked it so much especially the post about sexual harrasement ....good luck and keep it up man...
el masry affendi

Anonymous said...

You know what really scares me, that right now the idea of getting a gun is toying with my head. I don't feel safe anymore and that sucks.