Friday, August 31, 2007

Wise words

" جراحات السنان لها التئام ........ و لا يلتام ما جرح اللسان "

This is an old arabic verse that translates as follows :

" wounds caused by blades heal, while wounds caused by tongues never heal "

" الغنى في الإستغناء "

" Richness ( or we can say power ) is found in your ability of not needing "


Juka said...

Wise words indeed wise Belya.

ZeRoCoOl said...

tx for the translation....when I first popped your link i saw the arabic and was dismayed :( but then I caught the translation...but it hit me that there's a whole world of thought that I'm missing by cutting arabic class (dumb teen) when my parents forced it on me at 15.......but now I'm regretting it.

Belya said...

Juka: They truly are very deep.

Zerocool: I'm glad you liked it, although I apologize as probably there's a better translation. As for the arabic wisdom, these old people had very nice quotes and proverbs, hayleen.
Back to your Arabic lessons, why don't you start over. It's better late than never.