Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The cycle of betrayal, unconfidence & immorality.

I had this conversation with a guy, a lower class 26 years old. He was having a conversation with someone he called his beloved and so on.

Me: So, you are gonna get engaged soon ?
Him: No. I was betrayed once. A few years ago, my fiance just vanished taking everything & leaving without a trace.
Me: Aren't you planning to get engaged to that girl you were talking to ?
Him: No, she's already engaged to someone.
Me: What !!!!!!!!! then why are you having that phone romance ?
Him: We are interested in each other.
Me: Then why doesn't she call her current relation off, and you two get engaged ?
Him: Cause I won't go into a relation with someone like her.
Me: Why is that ?
Him: What if I get engaged to her , and she betrays me with some other guy like she does now...
Me: Then why don't you just leave her ?
Him: If I did, someone else would take my place ( hatemshy ma3a 7ad tany )
Me: How decent are you !!!! ( me being sarcastic )
Him: Don't judge me wrong, I'm veeeeeeery decent & moral. I haven't touched her although I had many chances to do so.

At this point I had to put an end to that conversation as I was reaching no where.


ZeRoCoOl said...

And such an individual will go on to procreate and pass on his values, and such is life in our beloved egypt.

But belya it's self evident that this person is depraved and immoral was it imperative to use the term "low class." ---his statement screams it...

Belya said...

Hi there Zero.
I mentioned the " low class " just to give a whole idea about him, just a full description.
But don't you notice something, you just mentioned the guy and spoke nothing of the girl !!!!
Is it just him to blame ? What about her don't you think she is as immoral as he is.