Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Egyptian Gad3ana

This incident took place around a year ago, but it's engraved within my mind making it unforgettable. It represents to me that there's still some good people living in this country.

It was mid-summer, a group of friends and I were dining at a restaurant in Mohandeseen. One of my friends was in the process of applying for a Canadian university. He had almost all his paper work done except for one document he needs to send it by fax to the University.
This missing paper wasn't ready with him, till that outing day, which was ( unfortunately ) the deadline for submitting the applications. He got his paper from a place nearby the restaurant, then we started a search for a place to send the fax.

At first we thought it was an easy task, we are in Mohandeseen for God's sake. We started to walk in the streets searching for a call center or some other place that has an installed fax. It was as if we are searching for something that doesn't exist. We walked for around an hour, we reached nothing. The more people we ask, the more lost we get.

It was getting close the closing time, ( Canada's time ) and my friend started to get nervous. I told him let's try one last time asking someone, if he told us the same bullshit as the others did, we'll jump into our cars and head to a place where we are certain that there'll be a fax even if that's gonna be in Alex.
So basically we asked the first person we happened to see, she was a lady working at a furniture store.
On asking her about a place where they could have a fax, here was her answer " You seem to be in a hurry, come in and use our fax ". ....
We were thrilled by the answer , we couldn't find enough words to thank the people working in that place.

I want to thank them for giving me hope

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