Thursday, August 23, 2007

Call and cancel. What's so difficult about that ?!!!!

Yesterday I had to come face to face with one of lousiest Egyptian habits : Tanfeed. To those who are not Egyptian, it's a term we use in a manner which indicates that you don't give a damn about a given promise or some regulations ........etc. i.e: words that have been said are considered bull-shit & didn't exist in the first place.

I had a business appointment with some person that I have called and schedueled a day ahead. I re-called and confirmed an hour ahead of the planned time. During the last phone call, that person told me he'd call back and choose the place where we can meet. He never did................ I didn't call either, he needs me as much as I need him.

The second was when my friend suggested that we go and play an hour or so of squash. I wasn't in the mood, but I agreed as it's one form of a change. So we suggest that it would be in the afternoon and the exact timing shall be determined via phone calls. I was unable to reach him throughout the whole morning. When it was the estimated time for our game, I finally got to reach him. Here's the phone call.

Me: " Have you forgotten about our plans ?"
Friend: " No I haven't , I'm just stuck at work "
Me: " You said you were free tonight !!! "
Friend: " I was, till the early morning. This was an un-planned task "
Me: " So are we canceled for tonight ?"
Friend: " Nooo, as soon as I'm done I'll give you call. "
Me: " How long will that take ? "
Friend: " 30 min. or a maximum of an hour "
Me: " O.K "

This was around 8:00 pm. As I expected, the phone didn't ring.
Later by 1:00 a.m I receive a message on the Facebook thing, apologizing that he finished late and that he was exhausted......................

I'm starting to hate this attitude. People do it everywhere, these were just examples.

I'm hating that I'm starting to pick it up too :( I don't do it much, but it takes place every now and then.

Juka: I'm sorry about the other day, but it didn't go this way.


Juka said...

Talk about pre-amptive :) ma 2olna mesh badaye2 :) but yeah I agree, it's become epidemic!

Cesario said...

It gets to a point where you refuse to make appointments just because you know people won't come in on time.
I have this thing where I come really early or really late, so I always come early and wait.