Friday, August 03, 2007

You are an Egyptian if ( 1 )

1 - You know if someone is cooking molokheyya as soon as you enter your house.
2- It takes you around 10 minutes to go through greetings to start a conversation by phone. It takes you another 10 to close the same conversation.
3- Believe in conspiracy theory, one way or another.
4- You say ( ya3ny ) to complete any blank space in your sentences.
5- You rush to your terrace as soon as you hear people shouting in the street.
6- You hold your cell phone over your right ear with your left hand, while driving.

1 comment:

Juka said...

Ahem.. point 6 only holds if you drive stick shift.. cause its neccessitated by the need to shift gears every couple of minutes...automatic car drivers are spared the need.