Tuesday, September 04, 2007

When having a conscience is a sin

I'm just back from the clinic, or to be more precise ( the so-called clinic), I'm frustrated, astonished and upset about the way people think in this country.
This is a place located in one of the poorest areas of Cairo where I go just to waste my time & to some extent practice dentistry. I consider it charitable work, as money I receive are wasted on equipment and on the fuel used for the journey.

Today I met to strange incidents:
1) I'm performing a procedure to one of the patients, where the situation gets more complex and requires some advanced instrumentation that are unavailable at that place. I tell the patient with this fact only to have him angry and mad. He's demanding that for the very little he pays a fully equipped clinic, although he paid nothing !!!!!!!!!!!

2) A patient entering the clinic while I was on my way out. He has a certain problem and he is in severe pain. I informed him of the condition and the required treatment BUT I asked him to seek treatment else where.
Don't get me wrong, I told him that as I was out of any sterile instruments & he needed urgent care. So telling him to go away was for his own good.
The patient's response was the strangest ever: " I'll file a complain at the police station, how come you don't have sterile instruments. It's my first time to hear such a thing" he was in rage. I couldn't help but tell him " be my guest sir, I'll be honored by such complaint "

Luckily, this was my last day there. I'm not up ( or should I say down ) to their expectations.

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