Monday, September 24, 2007

I've seen this.

1) A guy joking with his fiance gives her a broken jaw !!!!
Because of his brilliant sense of humor, she'll live for 3 weeks with stabilized closed jaws.

2) A cleaner standing in the street holding his filthy broom and not moving from an area that is less than 1 square meter. He had piled up a lot of sand in a huge pile. When no-one is looking he would scatter some of the sand with his feet, just to start collecting them again.

3) I received a phone call. " I'm having a big problem with my new satellite receiver, there's not a single channel that works "
Me: " is it turned on ? "
someone: " I'll check........... "........................"Oh, now it works , hahaha "


SaRaH said...

hehe I know what you mean sometimes you look around and all the you see is a big misunderstanding something that you just have to shake your head and jist walk on by..
About the turned on thing it happend to most of us sometimes people just ignore the obvious

gjoe said...