Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Belya ?

It's almost 3 years of blogging and I have just realized that I never explained why I chose the name Belya.
For those of you who are Egyptians, lived in Egypt for a while or even watch Egyptian movies; they know who Belya is. Belya is usually the small child helping the old mechanic, he's always covered with oil and sha7m . He is helping the mechanic and at the same time learning , one day he will be the master of the trade.

That's it, I just want to feel like Belya all the time. Learning and learning till one day I can be the master, but then I'll keep my inner Belya alive .


gjoe said...

A7'eeran 3ereft el serr!!

gjoe said...

Bas 3ala keda ba2a el mafrood teb2a "Belya's warsha"

Belya said...

Ya Gjoe, el-serr dah beiny w beinek ;)

Can't be my warsha, as I don't work here. Here's my room. Bass, 3arfa, my room fe3lan is no different than a warsha. Lots of books and instruments :D