Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still the same person, failed to change. I won't try harder.

I've been working on improving or getting rid of some of my personal flaws, but I seem to fail. I'll just live with them :)

1) Ana mas7oob mn lesany ( couldn't find a suitable description ):

Today, I paid my department a visit after I was done with my exam ( I'm on a vacation because of exams ). One of my supervisors asked me innocently " why are you on vacation ? work needs you here " he was soo friendly and he was joking. My reply was " I'm following your foot prints ". This is the worst answer ever, as he was on a loooong examination vacation besides he isn't regularly available at the department.

2) I'm still the same geek back from school ( to some extent ).

If all that's required is 60 % , I'm only satisfied with a minimum of 80 %. Although I would be happy to get the 60% but I'll never stop blaming myself for not getting my 80% at least.

3) Whatever I feel or want to say is all-over my face. ( I hate/love that )

4) I will tell you my opinion if ask for it. Don't ask if you really don't want to know, I have the guts to tell you that you suck.

5) I give the wrong first impression. You can see me as the most introverted person on Earth or the total opposite. The truth is , I'm equally balanced , it's just about which time of the day we met :)


Cesario said...

I suffer from no. 3 bardo and it really sucks at work, but it's fun with your friends.
I do give the wrong first impression, but most people think I am either a freak or an arrogant person; the first is kind of true, the second is not at all.

Belya said...

Giving the wrong impression isn't always a bad thing. It sometimes helps shutting out people whom you don't want to know :D

gjoe said...

Hahay! After reading your post I thought you would be a gemini zay 7alaty (I know you guys hate that zodiac crap, and I was wrong this time )

Anyways.. I too suffer from bad first impressions and saying what is on my mind a little too fast!

Belya said...

Howwa enty kaman mn betoo3 el-zodiac, homma waraya waraya ..........

I'm glad you were wrong :P

A week ago, a friend figured my horoscope correctly from the first shot. ( mosh hayeb2a kolloko ya3ny )