Sunday, February 15, 2009

You've got mail

Today was my first time to watch the brilliant movie " You've Got Mail " as a whole. Every time it's on TV I usually catch the last half.

Anyways, I enjoyed the movie alottttt.

Yet, I was left with some questions afterwards ? ( ridiculous ones basically )

1) Does all men enjoy torturing ( a big word, mosh keda ) the lady that loves them? Referring to Tom Hanks having the advantage of knowing the girl mailing him and choosing how to make use of it and how to meet .........etc. It ended marvelously in the movie.
I don't think all men do, but I can say that a lot of us men enjoy this game (in an innocent way I mean).

2) Is it easy to make a person fall for you, if you want to? Referring to the same situation above.
I believe it's not easy, but it's doable.

3) Are we the same person both in real life as well as the cyber space?
Not necessarily, I know lots of people who are charming in reality and awful when it come to e-connections. I also know others who are the total opposite.

What was this all about ?!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely have no idea, I just don't feel like sleeping.


gjoe said...

Ha! Glad you watched it :)
Actually none of the questions you asked are ridiculous at all.. As a matter of fact they made me wonder.

Anyways. I know Dee and Cesario would be thrilled that you saw the movie and actually liked it! I am not a huge fan like they are, but if it was on TV, I would watch gladly.

Cesario said...

Hey, that's great news, you've just watched one of the quintessential movies of our time. I mean, normally I don't like romantic movies, but this one is romantic on an intellectual level, which is a very nice change.

1)I wondered the same thing about Jo when I watched the movie, it was really mean, but he wanted to make sure that she liked him as the big bad mean Jo Fox.

2)I don't believe in love, but if it does exist, I think the real challenge would be to fall in love with the real personality of the person and not the one that is faked to receive affection. Many people pretend to be things they're not just to please others and that's not correct.

3)Well, I think they're two faces of the same coin, you just have to make sure they're not entirely different, but rather complement each other.

The good thing about this movie is that you don't really have a favorite part, but rather favorite quotes, situations, etc... It's great.

Belya said...

Gjoe: I watched it on TV too.

Sina: You don't believe in Love !!! interesting.......

Deeeeeee said...

Belya, I think its great you got to see that movie, I must've seen it a million times, I've memorized it to pieces. Now tell me, would you like to know how many steps Meg Ryan takes from Starbucks to her shop around the corner?

Anyway, as for the answers to your questions:

1) I don't think she was being tortured, she was curious, eager to meet him, and because he loved her that much, he was afraid that if she had just linked the online person to bad guy Jo Fox she wouldn't give him a chance, and so he showed her another side of him she hadn't known, and she kinda figured it out before he told her, if you recall her telling him at the end of the movie that it had to be you.

2) It is doable to get someone to fall for you, just not anyone, you have to have something in common, something to build on, but it is far from easy, like you said

3) People in cyber space are DIFFERENT, but not to a multiple personalities extent, but in a sense they are more in control of which sides of their personalities they feel like expressing, it is also an amazing place to lie and never get caught, but for normal people its just a place to be more honest and bolder!