Saturday, February 07, 2009

A neutral mood

Today, I went through 2 of my extreme moods ( joy and happiness & anger and frustration )

Things that made me happy: Listening to Fairouz all the way to Zamalek and back ( as I was on my way to Sa2ya to enjoy Wust el-Balad) , the concert was just great.

Things that made me angry: It took me 1 hour to reach zamalek , another hour to park & an hour to go home :(, I couldn't meet up with my friends & I injured my knee.

So, I just can't be a liar and pretend that I'm full of joy nor be a gloomy one and cry over my day. It was just neutral.


Juka said...

Sallamet your knee! I loved the concert too, although I had to make an early exit. I can relate to the driving for hours, I'm now picking jobs based solely on number of songs they are from my house :)

Belya said...

Allah yesallemek ya Jux.