Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but...............

There's something fishy about what's going on in Gazza, I really don't know what it is. I'll just state facts in no particular order:

1) Some newspapers and TV programs reported that there is an idea evolving in the corridors ( some ) of the american secretary of state, suggesting that Palestenians could have a home-land in Sinai. ( if you watch the " el-tab3a al-ola" you'll know what I'm talking about ) It's all over the internet, but as an Israeli idea.

2) Israel is killing Gazza: no food, water, medicine........ nothing. A total siege.

3) When Egypt opened the borders , most of Gazza residents fled into Egypt and tried to hide, refusing to get back there.

4) The truce between Hamas and Israel is over & open war starts.

5) Israel is killing Gazza residents, while Hamas is shooting empty rockets. ( for God's sake, don't tell me that the best you can do is 5 injuries and 1 death, unless you are intentionally aiming for the desert )

6) Hamas refuses letting the wounded enter Egypt. They want un-conditioned opening of the gates.

7) Hassan Nasr-Allah, is asking the Egyptians to demonstrate by the millions even if thousands were martyred, to force the country to open the gates un-conditionally. He's also asking the Egyptian army to force the government to take action. Yet, he's not calling for a coup !!!!!!!!!!

( Why isn't he asking Syrians to free their Golan heights ?. Why isn't he using his borders to relieve the stress on Gazza ?. Why is he hiding underground ? ........... these are just exclamatory questions )

8) A part of the gate between Gazza and Egypt is broken & Palestinians started to leak into Egypt.

9) 2 Egyptian military members were shot today.


What do you get out of all of that. I don't know, the only thing I can see right now is that it's a dirty game of politics that's aiming at pushing Egypt into some sort of a bloody swamp.
Who are the key players of the game right now ?, I have no idea.


بلوجاتي said...

i completely agree with you
it is too clear but for people who have minds !!!

why you don't write in arabic ?
would you please translate this post & i will post it in my blog : Goldenposts
it is a collection of my favoured posts

best regards

Belya said...

Thanks Mohamed for honoring my humble space.
As for writing in Arabic, I'll see what I can do about that. But I can't promise you that I'll be translating this post right now. I'm extremely busy these days.
It might be clear and obvious, mind me, but I refuse calling those who can't see it as mind-less. It's just one point of view out of many other possible postulations.

بلوجاتي said...

There is a kind of games has only one solutions ! like puzzle you remember !!